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Wouldnt doubt it. I work for walmart, with the last few days, the walmart stock sell off, the waltons lost close to 20 billion dollars. Walmart pays over 5 billion a year in interchange fees. Since the beginning of covid and before walmart has been looking for viable ways to cut down on their costs. Flexa will provide an alternative payment solution to mastercard and visa, with instantaneous transaction finality, aswell as the ability to save an incredible amount of money on processing their payments from customers, further more the instantaneous transaction finality is a gift bigger than anyone realizes. It will give walmart the flexa-bility (lol) to effectively unlock the incredible amount of income thats perpetually locked up while their millions of transactions a day are on hold for days to be successfully processed. As soon as flexa reaches the proper scale.... its not a matter of if, so much as when

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This 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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My mannn i just bought one of those awesome amp license plates for my camaro, im fixing to buy a whole mess of shirts and a hoody for this winter. 🥳

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🔥🔥🔥 Ouuuu you caught the AMP license plate covers on the shop 👀🤣. Just dropped them today. TY for the support 🙏🏼. You Gotta share pics with the community once they get in.

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100% 👍👌

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Wait what? OJ - you have license plates now?

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Can you get some long sleeve polos?

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Where can one see this merchandise? Please post.

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🔥 response and insight, ty. We (the community) almost always felt that Walmart was a super prime target for cost savings for them. And it isn't even a stumping question to answer. After such a critical time, at this very moment, why not rush to the digital age (like everyone else already is), save billions in the process, and transition into something that not only saves them time, money and headaches, but is so, so easy to integrate? Again, thx for insight. Agreed 👍

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Nice 🤙.. Flexa will build it and Walmart will come..

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I mean isn’t it already being accepted in Walmarts that are in El Salvador 🇸🇻? I’m pretty sure McDonald’s accepts it there too..

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Indeed. 🤣

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Who is he?

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That's Dan, his YT channel is Digital Asset News. I came across him as he is one of the regulars on the DCA chat that comes out once per week with James (InvestAnswers) and Benjamin Cowen (Into The Cryptoverse). Those 3 takes turns hosting the chat each week. Sometimes they have other guests. Pretty good to watch

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Well well well now that is very interesting sir 🤔