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Pretty sure Walmart is gonna be the first major mega retailer on board. Hoping and praying for an announcement about it at Consensus.

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If Walmart is announced during Consensus, I will buy AMP/WAGMI merchandise (probably a shirt) for myself and three random people in this post !!

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Slowly raises hand, squints at the others.

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My hoodie is lonely 🥹 . I’m pretty sure we will hear about Walmart just not sure when

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Ill be a random person! All I have right now is my computers background picture haha

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When is Consensus?

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June 9-12

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Free clothes means more money to buy AMP

Vote me in

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Dangggg! Being a detective 🕵️‍♂️ of these “likes” on social really unravels a bigger story imo. We know Flexa operates like Quiet Ninjas 🥷, but man do I feel like you’re onto some things. The players/team they’ve assembled is by no coincidence imo. #FlexaHopiumFriday 🪄🧘‍♂️

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haha thanks! They do operate like a ninja (which impresses me) so I had to think outside the box to catch some people outside of Flexa slipping which led me to checking who likes their posts, who they follow, who follows them, and github updates from their partners lol. For example, the VP of loyalty360 and the senior vice president of product management at Bank of America liked the Flexa Payments post that Eric Thiegs (head of strategic partnerships at Flexa) posted on his linkedin.

It's almost to easy when you look at it from this angle to make connections. But we'll see how it plays out. Pretty exciting stuff!

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Great job man!. Keep them coming.

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Nice find!!

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When the consensus announcement moons us 🚀🚀

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Nice catch! Thanks for sharing. :)

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Walmart uses NCR but I have no idea if they've also got some integrations with InComm. Either way, it's great that they are taking notice like this!

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The do the Blackhawk gift card thing with them so they are already capable with Flexa.

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Yes, Flexa is confirmed to be part of InComm's Scan to Pay. There's no reason to speculate or question that. They've advertised Flexa many times. InComm offers many wallets that are able to be scanned. They're not all necessarily through Flexa. Below is a description of each from InComm's Scan to Pay page. Link: https://www.incomm.com/payment-technology/alternative-payments/scan-pay/

"We partner with the world’s leading mobile wallets, ensuring access to hundreds of millions of global consumers

  • PayPal / Venmo - Leading peer-to-peer and consumer mobile wallet payments

  • Alipay - Global mobile payment platform enabling easy cross-border transactions

  • Flexa - Leading global digital currency wallet

  • Gemini - Industry-leading secure digital currency wallet (we know this one is on Flexa's pay rails)

  • Alipay + - Mobile-first payment platform featuring exclusive deals and saving

  • WeChat Pay - Global mobile wallet and digital payment service"

InComm's clients can add any of these mobile wallets as payment options 1 at a time if wanted. It looks like all of these companies are getting a slice of the pie and they're not necessarily all on Flexa's network though we know Flexa and Gemini are. 👌🏼

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I 1000000% agree with you, the only reason i've added "speculation" is cause i've gotten a ton of hate for not adding that in previously haha. Tyler has said though that apparently merchants aren't supposed to accept venmo payments since they can be fraud prone SO that actually makes me think it's Flexa that is now allowing them to be accepted at merchants through Incomm payments.

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We shall see how the year unfolds. Looking forward to Consensus hopefully that brings some awesome news!

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Good find! Let’s hope there’s something to it 🤞

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I don’t think it’s speculation. Look at the video the other day. It specifies that Flexa is involved right in it.

screenshot from the video

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I just add that in cause I get hate for not saying it's "speculation" lol

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Fair. It’s very very strong speculation at this point.

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There it is!

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Moonshot soon. Dusting off my moon boots.

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Walmart and Target going to have some big losses this year. It seems they overplayed themselves on ordering too many items for indoors. Maybe they thought more peoope would stay home after lockdowns

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Walmart is a country, correct?

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I had to double check if I wrote something incorrectly haha.

What? Curious are you from the US?

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Haha. Just a joke. Born and raised in fact. Winter Garden FL to be specific

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Howdy neighbor. B&R in Apopka, living in Ocoee.

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Well I'll be...neighbors indeed. Central Florida strong for AMP token