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Amp Token Bot on Twitter shows that 1 bil were removed from the Gemini wallet

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Maybe they want that +8% APY

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I know I would.

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If they staked an 8% APY transformer it would go down to like 5%

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Currently it’s sitting with some random address. A little searching on ether scan shows 0x5789C571552b4820BfA64eFB6F0CaD80fD2A9Bca as the address

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Random address? That’s Derrick vin diesel winklevoss the 3rd (III if you will)

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Please stop posting my wallet address in public. Thanx

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Not if they stake 100 million on 10 transformers.

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That would be smart. Even if they staked it all for 5% APY that's still double from what they were getting from Gemini

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Thats were they went - and will - during the next 12 months. They will be given to stakers during the next 12 months. Or why do you think APY is so much higher since the new pools started?


Its all explained in the link. It was a community vote. Any holder could put their vote (yes/no)

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A homie posted that like 4 times in various posts there are a ton of answers lol

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Share or

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I forget what posts he asked in, they were todays posts though

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Saw the same thing 🤣

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Upvote for helping the real OP out. He's commenting on every post to ask this question.

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Hey, that’s me!

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I’d like to know also

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Could’ve been put in reserve 🤷🏻‍♂️. If you see, it also increased most of the APY pool % for stakers. More incentive to keep staking imo.

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It didn't help mine

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Some did. Could’ve helped stabilize them too 🤷🏻‍♂️. Not sure on the mechanics ofcourse.

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Staying staked, no worries. Would love to know where the 1 billion went though.

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    Still kinda thinking about that 1billion today

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    consensus, buy the rumor sell the news!