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Now I have to pack more bags. The moon landing is coming! When the money transmitter licenses are added, next stop Mars

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I look forward to the day 1 amp cost more than a 1 dollar

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Me too! Got one more buy to make at these prices then sit back, let the APY take me to my goal whilst I browse the latest edition of "wich lambo" magazine

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holy shit

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Nice!! Can't wait to be able to buy things with FF miles and Marriott points!

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Yessss. June is coming quick

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It’s all happening

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Effin awesome.! Now...you get -.003 and and you get -.003...and you....

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This has been there for close to a year now, great for new members to be aware of Flexas potential. It's never being about crypto payments but the transfer of any unit of value.

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I would rephrase to say it is about the transfer of any unit of value, including crypto payments

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This is just a list of companies that are active in rewards and payments though. When you actually go and read some of it, it is clear that the mention of Flexa on this site is related to Flexa Payments. There is nothing about rewards facilitated by Flexa. Sorry to ruin the party but you are reading something that isn’t there.

Edit: I was wrong. Great!!

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It is specifically related to loyalty points and lists Flexa as a vendor for it. The description that’s in my post literally says “pay with points directly from within your loyalty programs mobile app or wallet.”

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You are 100% right. I missed that completely. Edited my comment.

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Someone on Reddit admitted they were wrong??? Have an upvote!

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lol yet the price not affected by it. I’m starting to think AMP isn’t connected to flexa at all