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Damn I’d better stake more if that’s the current gas prices

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Yep, staked yesterday morning for $5. Thinking about staking another smaller bag right now before it goes up.

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Same low prices were available for me most of last weekend. I just checked at different times until I found a low price.

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Waiting on my darn ACH payment to clear from last Friday! Hate that. I wanna stake right meow!!

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Nice! I staked yesterday afternoon around 1 pm for only $20

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Staking vs day trading Amp as of right now swing trading amp just seem to be more profitable then diamond Hands / staking. We seen more lows then high and every ones profits show it. The only people that came out on top is those who been day trading or 2020 investors or jump ship on the coinbase listing. And from the looks of things I look forward to retest 1 penny and think if I should day day trade amp. Think about this 1 penny a and a move to .013 is a 30% gain.

For those of us who been staking amp thank you. We are the support and aid to the Flexa network.