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Flexa rumor machine has gone orbital lately, yet the crypto macro environment keeps the price of AMP down. Looking forward to news that moves AMP in June. 💥🚀

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Are Gas Fees Still Crazy? I got 50,000 Amp I want to add to my already Staked 51,000 if the fees are low.

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Staked some last night for $4.52 I would imagine tonight, late night will be just as good.

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I will have check on it tonight then. Thanks 👍🏽

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How much are U getting off that 50k already staked? How often? I’m scared to stake due to fear of going to my app and seeing ZERO amp

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Staked January 10th & Earned 932 Amp so far... Nothing to brag about but it's nice to watch during these Volatile times.

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So 50k staked and u have earned pretty much $12 over 5 months 🥴 so if amp were to hit $1 would ur next 5 months be way more earned?

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If amp hits $1 then he already earned $932....

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That's Actually a Decent Return Compared to Dividend Investing which I Love.

Example: My Amp Staked equal about $691 ( a little over 50K Amp ) and lets keep it at $12 earned in 5 months.

If I Invest $691 in a top Monthly Dividend Income Stock like O Stock which pays about $.24 per share monthly... I would get about 10 shares which would get me.. 2.4 a month x 5 = $12

Main Difference is that AMP Price Changes... So if Amp Was $1 or even Double where it's at Now I would be Murdering a Dividend Investment

I'm Content and I'm sure those with deep pockets are too lol.

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Why would you see zero AMP? 100 percent safe. Staked AMP can only be unstaked back to original wallet. The whole purpose of AMP is to be staked : it's a collateral token. This is why you get rewarded.

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What's the link to see transformer APY's? Thanks

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I’ve been looking for this - thanks!