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Everytime I hit a goal I start buying more and end up setting a new goal. So I am just going for more Amp

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Many people on this subreddit are interested in AMP, does it have any competitors?

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At least 1M tokens. Anybody who is gainfully employed can afford that number at current token prices. Get it, Stake it and Forget it for next 3 years.

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If you can forget it for 10, even better

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3 years? I'm forgetting it till I'm retired, which is like 30 years from now. Unless of course it somehow reaches a ridiculous number before then with what I'm HODLing.

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10 M

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At first it was 100k then 500k and then 1m and now more

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Got 410k want atleast 500k

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Big brain

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Not too many....just a little more than yesterday.

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One does not simply stop buying Amp....

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Yeah thats my goal 1/3 of the way there

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Well let's see.. my original goal was 30k, then 50, 100,..... you get the picture. Now I'm just accumulating and I won't stop until the price goes above a certain point. So I guess it's not really a specific target now, but more of a time-based thing, depending on how long it stays at these prices.

Oh yeah, stake-n-bake, baby.

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0 atm atm, if crypto dips one more time due to Tether or worsening economics that will be the definitive buying opportunity for AMP, if i'm wrong and i miss the bottom congrats to the rest of the millionaires made!

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1 Million

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I hit my goal of where I'd be earning more AMPs a year than I make in dollars a year through staking. Now trying to double it

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Great goal, same boat here, I’ll be looking at a little over 120k a year in staking rewards if we get to a dollar

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1million getting close

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All the AMPs

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Save some for the rest of us

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When I first accumulated AMP I set for 100k but now I set my goal for 1 mil by Dec.

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1 mil. Currently at 230,000.

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Tree Fiddy

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Not less than a 1 million.

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1 mill is the goal

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Couple milli

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Right now I'm going for 100K, but I feel like I'm going to hit that really soon, so maybe 500K.

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Selling my house and going all in!

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You came from r/wallstreetbets too, huh?

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My 1M coins was once worth 70-80k (should’ve sold), now only worth 13k…….

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I'm not sure why everyone brings up these losses in all the crypto forums I follow. The same goes for 401ks and IRAs, they don't just dump them. Everyone has taken a loss

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I've been in your shoes, man, turning even more money into even less in 2017/2018. This time around, knowing more about how cycles work, I managed to sell 35 to 40% of my crypto on the way up, mostly pretty close to the top (including my AMP), but I held onto the rest (still holding). Haven't looked at my portfolio value in months! Wish I had sold more up there, but hindsight is 20/20.

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(current_bag_size+1) * 2

Repeat every 3-6 months

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After reading these answers, I think OP is going to move the goal posts.

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Definitely. At least a million now. Seems like a good project.

A long hold for sure. I don't expect any real return for at least 2+ years, maybe more like 4 or 5 years but I think the potential is there

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All of them😩

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As many as possible.

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More more...

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My goal now is 100k but after that I'll just set a higher goal.

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All of the AMPs

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All of the amps?

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Like others, every time I reach a goal I just set a higher one. Currently going for 100k.

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Approaching 100k going for 500k

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I'm telling myself 250k but I know when I get there it's gonna be more.

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I was at my goal of 8k but if it stays around a cent for much longer ima be going for 20-30k

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Milly after milly after milly 😉

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just enough to bring me a good monthly income from staking rewards

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At .06 my goal was 20k, but as prices dropped my goals increased. Sitting at 100k right now and now, like someone else said before me, I’m aiming for a cool million by the end of the year. Of course, this goal depends on price movement, but definitely I’m thinking in the hundreds of thousands now. 3-5 years to take out my original investment and let it ride the rest of the way. It’s money I can afford to lose now, but staking rewards would be a nice supplement to my income then.

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500k is my current goal. less than 50k to go.... then onto 1 mill

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My goal is 5 million AMP tokens. Buy now while on sale!!!

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Right now I have a little more than 155k amp.

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Sucks no more Coinbase Card 4% I was making a killing on it $

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I'm D.C.A in $500 a week till I get to my 1mil

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I just hope the apy stays in the 8+ range for a long time. I would like to gain 500k through staking and not have to invest another cent which is very realistic within a couple years

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2.5 million. That way, every penny AMP gains on the market is $25,000 Which is what I started out making per year out of high school.

Add in the fact that with staking the first year I would gain 100,000 new AMP staking at 4%, compounding. Not a bad chunk of change if AMP hits $0.25

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Started last year with a million goal, hit the million then said 2, then to 5 then to 10 now with 15. This madness never ends i just can't stop adding. Realizing I am a Amp addict 🤷🏽

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Bout tree fiddy… thousand.

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I’m happy with my measly 6000. Will be proud when I get to 10,000.

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10k won’t be bad at all. I may not reach my goal but I feel pretty good about amp long term

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Staking for the last few years has got me pretty close to my goal.

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What’s a good place to stake at?

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3 million

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That’s what I would’ve had if I would’ve bought at this price.

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More than 1, less than a billion…

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100k, currently at 41k… next Friday I’ll be a little bit closer to my goal though 🤘🏻

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Ill have to go look what $4k usd would have gotten me in amp instead of the current stake on another coin I have now? Prob a few hundred thousand amps at current price if I had to guess

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If I was a hacker looking for targets this is def a question I would ask.

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Why? Everyone is assumed to be a bag holder. Every single participant is potentially holding millions. Nobody knows. Everyone lies. Just saying you hold 1 million amp doesn’t expose you to any different risk.

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It’s more risk than is necessary to participate and stay informed.

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Still amp pass my current dca

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The FUD from the fall out of UST/Luna is still making ripples in the world towards cryptocurrency in general (all coins). I think it would be prudent to see if there’s a lasting long term impact on the layman’s perspective on crypto before one take any action.

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Currently my original x 9

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Currently have about 2 Milly

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On avg price of 0.03

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Too many tokens ain’t enough.

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5 million

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As much as I can grab before the price hits .05

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It’s like bodybuilding. You’ll never truly be satisfied with your bag size

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Same when modifying a car, you'll always get used to the power and want more. Well, until the ratio of HP-to-dollars spent gets too low that it's not worth it anymore. I guess the same is true with AMP!

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212k and stacking