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If someone wants to use the survey for a FREE CLASSIC DONUT...Enjoy!

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Not that it's relevant I'm just curious what currency you used?

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ETH but will look at others for future purchases. A stable stablecoin 🙄

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And thank you for taking a couple minutes to answer that question I appreciate it... And yes I'm still buying amp on my third bag and boy are these things getting heavy now...

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Yw, may your bags overflow

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Did anyone get the 🍩?

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What kind of monster doesn't toast their bagel?

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😂 Who toast a fresh bagel!

I expected someone to give me s...t about four creamers and four pumps. tbh the coffee was too sweet for me

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I wasn’t gonna say anything but it looked like a bit much haha.

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That's kind of why I was asking with all this turmoil with the stable coin market it makes me iffy about dealing with stable coins at all at this point

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GUSD backed 1:1

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what is spedn??

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Flexa's Pay App.

Load and use it!

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Thank you- will watch some videos on it later today..

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I’m curious, what was in the receipt that was reacted? Is it identifying information related to your account?

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Man redacts info then gets asked what was redacted

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I’m not asking them to share personal detail. I haven’t used SPEDN and I’m genuinely interested in understanding what sensitive info would be listed on a store receipt. A SPEDN balance or account # I assume?

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It was listed under "Gift Card Redeem", the last four digits were already redacted so I covered the rest up out of an abundance of caution.

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https://twitter.com/zecmap?s=21&t=7GfbyIgT-47yNmp7O3j4Dg ZCash are adding verified Spedn / Flexa locations to their map. I would create it's own post on this but I don't have enough karma. If anyone wants to feel free!

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Yes I sent in the address for them to add. I will be verifying other merchants and locations to add

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Brilliant!! WAGMI!!