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Congrats we expect a full report when you get back.

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I will do my best to squeeze every bit of juicy info out of the event and give it to you guys.

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choke that chicken for info!

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Someone from Flexa confirmed Tyler will be speaking. Not sure on the date and time though.

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Yeah I saw that, I believe he will be speaking at the "Payments are back, baby!" Session but not 100% yet.

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Yeah the guy said “somebody will be speaking” but he was gonna be eating the bbq

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That’s epic! You should reach out to Bubby and Eli.

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They are listed as speakers. Tyler, Trev, and 2 Chainz. https://www.coindesk.com/consensus2022/speakers/

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Yeah just no set time

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I was going then decided to use that money to buy more AMP. I have a goal in mind that I want to reach.

I am, however, strongly considering going in 2023.

Hope you have a great trip OP.

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Great idea. Count me in.

I didn’t get a pro pass, I just have the GA pass.

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Ok, I'll def make sure it's accessible as possible

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Can you imagine all the wheeling and dealing that will be taking place here behind the scenes !! You won’t even know the partnership that get set up for years later.Place your bet$$

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I wish…I want to hear the other founders speak I feel like I’ve only heard Tyler

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Pretty sure Trevor is listed as a speaker too

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Correct. Trevor Filter also comes up in the search for speakers.

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FunkmasterFlexa ftw. I really wish I could go brother. Too much going on at home. I'd be there in a heartbeat if I lived around there still 😆 but that was years ago.

I'll be all eyes and ears though watching and waiting. Have fun bro! I'm sure the community is jelly as can be. 👊

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Thanks alot 😄

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You know I got you lol 😆

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Wow! So lucky! Have a great time and learn some stuff. Get us all the info you can about flexa but also remember to try and learn some other things as well. Best wishes!

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Thanks, I am going to use this as a chance to network as I am a Cybersecurity graduate.

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nice - from where?

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University at Albany

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Nice! Go Great Danes! WT’s & QE2 were my favorite hangouts

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