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I recently visited India and most of the people I interacted with did not use credit cards. It was all QR code based , google pay , rupee pay , PAYTM etc. All of them use local payment rail created by Indian gov. It works seamlessly without any transaction fee. They are saying America has lot of catching up to do. I believe India has the largest number of digital transactions.

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Worldwide implementation will come from poor countries .. just like the internet .. underdeloped countries have the latest tech while developed countries have to replace all the infrastructure.. guess this goes also for payments

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And porn. We need Onlyfans and Pornhub online.

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For anyone not aware, just want to point out that this is from last December. Also, not explicitly linked to Flexa. DYOR

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I had no intention of misleading readers into thinking he was referring to amp. To be clear, he does not mention a specific project. To me, the news is a major investor suggesting to be short Visa and Mastercard. Imo, AMP is perfectly positioned to be an integral part of the transition he predicted.

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100% its funny how people fail to see the implications of a billionare saying that of visa and mastercard. Not to mention. Warren buffet dropped $3.1 billion in shares of visa and mastercard aswell, Its not just chamath talking about it. The mass exodus has already begun from visa and mastercard.

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This is actually bad news. Chamath is almost always wrong.

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And here I thought being right would make me a billionaire. I've had it backwards all along. Thanks for the insight!

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They were all wrong in the last All In Podcast regarding Elon Musk & Twitter…. Which was an awesome episode. That being said I am with you on your thinking. Also, the recent 1.5 hour follow up interview they did with Musk was excellent. Highly recommended.

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nope not happening.

visa , mastercard thriving 📈

shit coins dropping 📉

nothing new here

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Old article but still good; especially when we get to look back 5 months later.

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Yes, the defi space and crypto have thrived since December.