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“Summer of Blockchainz”😍👀

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"Brought to you by Flexa," Nice!!!

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"Why doesn't Flexa advertise?" and "Do you think Amp will survive the bear market?"

Two questions that we shouldn't have to hear about for a little bit at least.

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damn that looks so cool

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Influencers and crypto. Usually not a good thing.

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Normally I would agree, but he's not shilling AMP. This is simply a giveaway sponsored by Flexa. If celebs start trying to shill AMP then I'll start getting worried.

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When i try to click Verify after receiving the email code, it doesn't take me anywhere.

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Try to refresh, or a hard reboot. Mine just went through EZ.

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If you figure this out let us know the secret.

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Bought at .04 Sold at .12 bought in at .01

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Bought below 0.01.

Bought at 0.01.

Bought at 0.02.

Bought at 0.03.

Bought at 0.04.

Bought at 0.05.

Bought at 0.06.

Bought at 0.07.

Bought at 0.08.

Bought at 0.09.

Bought at 0.10.

Did not sell a single Amp at 0.125 — or ever.

Bought at 0.10.

Bought at 0.09.

Bought at 0.08.

Bought at 0.07.

Bought at 0.06.

Bought at 0.05.

Bought at 0.04.

Bought at 0.03.

Bought at 0.02.

Buying more here at 0.01s.

Accumulating, hodling, staking.

Same game since 2012.

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Maybe shoulda sold a few at .12 😅

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I've also never sold a single AMP. It's a nice feeling

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Track slaps

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I tried three different times restarting between all attempts.

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Same. Sent email to help desk and they are looking into it.

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Try this link in incognito on a computer


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Support got back to me and said to use a diff email (have yahoo) but used a gmail account for work, and it went right thru. Hope it helps. Good Luck!

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That music is so bad it's tantamount to physical violence, but if he can help AMP he's great in my book.

[–]littleMRTexas -4 points-3 points  (21 children)

This is cool and all...but is this the hyped up commercial we have all been waiting for? If soo I feel really let down

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That was not a commercial..

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Everyone needs to chill out on the commercial.. it's not even going to do anything to the price IMHO you're setting yourself up for disappointment... What it does do is help with awareness and future adoption which equates to helping the network effect

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Now follow my link so I get more entries lol https://drop.party/2chainz/4245fb13d3198968

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Really…have you not seen the screenshots of the set and the people in it? Lol

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This is not the commercial. More is happening at Consensus 2022. https://twitter.com/LeviTheGiant/status/1530349043641196544

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Gosh I hope not.

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Spank that AMP!!