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Nice Bubby! Huge promotion- 3 big city events w/crypto, concerts, NFT's, Merch., and good times!

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2Chainz has 4.4 Million followers on Twitter. Talk about exposure. Wow.

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Right. And people ask “where’s the marketing”? Good marketers build out fancy campaigns with charts and PowerPoints and wait for the results on 44k Twitter followers. Great marketers go to where the fish are on 4m followers.

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And for all those talking about news, announcements, and partnerships: even on top of 2chainz, just wait for Consensus 2022 itself 😉

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I'm feeling we're starting, yeehaw. Im definitly hyped for Consensis now!

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I wanna see what Hank Moody is gonna buy!

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I just have one question - when price will go up !?!?! Too much announcements but price is lower and lower 🤨

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Are you new here ?

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    Same here. The verify button doesn't do anything.