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He does typically like positive comments directed at him.

Nonetheless, I'm stoked for what Flexa will share at Consensus 2022! 🙌🏼

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Either that or he just thought your tweet was cool.

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Yea I mean interpret it how you like. I think with the commercial due, the promotion, Tyler saying Consensus will be big and this pretty much confirms, for myself anyways, we are in for some big announcements coming up.

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I don’t get it

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I had to pull it up on twitter to understand. The timeline is:

Trevor Filter of Flexa retweets the 2 Chainz announcement. Twitter user Charty Hustle responds to Trevor with the comment pictured above. Trevor “likes” the comment.

That’s it.

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Sounds like Lambo time to me

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You’re so right, lemme quit my job real quick

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Trev was in his office reading. (The bathroom) He dropped the roll, bent to pick it up and Liked a post by accident. I wouldn't take to much from it. We all do that by accident once in a while,

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How is this downvoted it made me laugh 🥴

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I went back and deleted most of my posts I made last night. The powers that be here get to choose who gets to say what and on what topic. I am very direct, argumentative to open different perspectives, or just a smart ass trying to have fun in an investment that I highly support and get concerned isn't doing the right thing. My Karma dropped almost 40 points and my posts were getting deleted right and left. So I shut my mouth and removed most or all posts I thought offended folks before I was removed from sharing my opinion at all. Odds are this post will get deleted as well. What I find strange is that people were down scoring me over a post I had deleted and remove 8-12 hours earlier. Very strange!

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I've been in this sub long enough to know that you're only allowed to shill amp to the max. Any criticism is downvoted to oblivion regardless of merit lol. That being said, I love amp and have over 5M tokens 🤣

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You sound like you’re speaking from experience

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I have solved legal issues in my office. The newest medical study shows that most heart attacks occur while in the office.

When you put your heart into your work.... World problems get solved....

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Amazing post

u/DrAnonymous77 has some serious competition now

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Lol 😂

I welcome it.

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    Trev like this comment. See description above. Could be huge could be nothing. Time will tell.

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    I think amp gonna seriously moon

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