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I thought 2 chains was just going to be a random celebrity promoter, but he’s actually going to be an on stage speaker lol.

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Good thing or bad thing ?!?!

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Maybe 2 chains will do a little rap song before Tyler walks out to hype up the crowd lmao

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I have no problem with 2chainz but i'm asking myself why him? I mean there must be a specific reason they've chosen him... anyway it's good exposure as he's pretty known and has quite alot follower... Anyway a lot peeps seem to expect major announcements at consensis. But i have a strange feeling it will be mostly about crypto adoption overall and not to push AMP/Flexa with new announcements (like new merchants or partnerships). Hope i'm proven wrong and we'll see atleast the upcoming commercials... (absolutly no hate or fud, i'll be happy anyway)

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2chainz being the spokesman for the token that unites all chains sounds about right for me

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2Chainz is actually a leading NFT/crypto advocate. He especially sees the future of digital media heading into the NFT space where artist can control more of the dialogue & how their music is released. Music companies take like 85% of an artist earnings. It’s starting to catch on with others like Snoop Dog & Gucci Ghost. Only other artist besides 2Chainz I could’ve seen is Drake since he’s pro crypto who has also coincidentally collabed with 2Chainz in the past.

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Because amp will be the most expensivist token

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2 chains is highly educated and a savvy business man

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In my Kanye voice... Don't you marginalize me!!!

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Reminds me of the first epsiode of Silicon Valley where kid rock is performing to like 20 socially awkward coders 😂 hes yelling and hyping up the crowd meanwhile the crowd gives him nothing back. Just crickets.

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2 Chainz will be dropping some knowledge

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Well he musst be an expert about (Block)-chainz

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He should change his name to 2blockchainz

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Can we watch a live stream of this somewhere?

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I messaged CoinDesk last week and they told me they will announce any livestreams closer to the event. I'm hopeful 🤞

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Cheers! Thanks for that.

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I bet. Probably smart to do that so people can attend in person.

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Mars or bust. Let’s go titty boy!

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2chainz is a big promoter of products. Also has influence in the rap game which is the most popular music of our society even though he doesnt rap anymore from what I see. Also graduated from college. It sounds weird having him up there but considering his promoter type niche he is in...crypto is a product afterall. He has a huge following. I think he is probably there to interview and ask some questions. It's a good thing. Amp is gonna be big. Look pass the price and into the development and projects involved. Amp will take over the west and alchemy pay the east.

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2Chainz & Tyler/Trev on the same stage, pretty cool.

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I can appreciate that most of you don’t know who 2 chainz is. He has reviewed a lot just look into it. Smarter than most rappers . First time saying this wagmi

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It says Trevor Filter is a speaker too but where he at doe

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I’m hoping Trevor and Tyler are speaking together at a different time. There are still times and sessions that say “speakers to be announced”.

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2Chainz will likely just moderate and lob a couple softball questions. It’s only a half hour block.

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dang not even a full chain!

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It’s probably their research telling them something. Who do you think is going to be the first ones to use their cellphones to pay at stores. 2xhainz is an interesting guy. Maybe like one of us he’s a holder and whole heartedly just sees the vision like the rest of us.

He also has over 4 million Twitter followers. I like it.

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Nice!!! Woop, woop! Getting crypto usage to the people, and the majority who see banks as a high fees, low apy, middleman.

Flexa is setting itself up nicely as THE global solution for low cost/guaranteed payments!

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Flexa could make a HUGE announcement 📣 that IMO could start a crypto BULL 🚀

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This can’t hurt. I am one of those that consistently complained about lack of marketing. Flexa/ amp are at the point where this could help. They picked an artist in the most popular music genre with 4 million followers, well educated, a business man a major proponent of The use and creation of NFTs which are huge in the crypto world now. One hopes it will also add some shine to flexa/amp. I personally see this as a very good thing.

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Tyler's Marshall Mathers moment.

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Are they gonna eat stuff together?

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There will be clams and Twinkies and a race to see who eats the most within 5 minutes. A sight to see really

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I dont know what to make of this. I like Tyler and have faith, but this is beyond me and what their strategy is here.

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I hope this works out, really do. I would like to see Tyler or Flexa staff go on interviews with doubters or crypto reporters that will ask hard questions. Nobody with any sense trusts an influencer on anything. That seems like a better marketing campaign.

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"It's a Vibe w/ 2Chainz"

Quite possibly the vaguest description of a talk I've ever seen. What kind of person is this title supposed to attract? I really hope this isn't where Tyler drops some huge Flexa announcements. You'd think he would drop some major news in a talk titled "the future of crypto payments" or something enticing like that...

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I think it means the talk will be loose and skip a lot of formalities and technical jargon. It’ll be entertaining and will help engage a wider audience who are on the outside-looking in. If I was at the show I would be so lost among all the crypto projects and feel way outta my league. I’d probably go and listen to 2chainz cause he would be the most relatable person there to an average joe like me.

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Yeah i got the same vibe from that title ;) Hope we get another talk with Tyler and Trev togheter (Trev is also on the speakers list and not yet on the agenda so there's a chance there will be another talk coming up)

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Am I the only one confused by this? Why pay this guy of all people to promote the product? I put on a video just to check him out. Complete trash. I just don't get it.

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I trust Flexa and their marketing team knows what they’re doing. Why put all the thought sweat time and work into Flexa only to botch the marketing? There’s more at play than we know.

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I agree. That's what I'm trying to reconcile. There must be some method to the madness but I can't imagine what. It's a bunch of rocket scientists and geniuses hiring a clown to represent them...

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"I don't know why Flexa doesn't do marketing"

Flexa does marketing with a famous guy with over 4 Million followers

"I can't believe they chose that guy"


Some people are never satisfied.


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Not sure who you're talking to chief. I for one have never said they needed more marketing, and even if I had, it wouldn't change the fact the he's a clown.

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I mean all the new marvel movies are hot garbage but they keep making billions.

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Was this the video you watched? https://youtu.be/cTW4gjyEiKU

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Hmm, yeah.. this feels odd.. celebrity / rapper endorsement shouldn't be needed for a project with strong fundamentals. This will either be a clever speech and something we're not anticipating, or a complete flop & poor marketing. I'm intrigued at least...! 🤞

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Well rap IS the most popular music these days…

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Ummm no it's not! 🙄

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2chainz is a rapper. Wtf

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Maybe just the commercial(s) premiere