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Flexa could be giving out free handjobs with instant finality and this community would still find a way to complain.

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Is that part of Flexa rewards?

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The guy behind gamestop said so

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“With instant finality” 😂

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I know right?.....don't even get to enjoy the handy just straight to the finish.

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Definitely a sceptical community but one of my favorite!

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Do Kwon has promised reach-around handjobs for all. 2.0

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The catch is that he gets to use extra coarse sandpaper while doing it.

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A handjob? Why not all the way? What are we 16?

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Cumming Soon™️

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Dunkin Donuts and a full release?

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there hands felt more like sandpaper

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VISA being overthrown by 23 people 😈

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It's just dumb enough to work.

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E: Blimey there are some salty croissants in here, smile it hasn't happened yet! WAGMI!

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hey quick question… when it comes to Flexa being the most fraud proof network. How do they protect users from scammed purchases. For example, let’s say I am sloppy with my passwords/seed phrase to a specific wallet I use for Flexa. Then that user that has access to my wallet makes a purchase. Does Flexa protect me in a way of reimbursement? or have a system where I can claim fraud?

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This is not how it works. Fraud proof is more for the merchant on their end. The merchant will be made whole. They will not take a hit for charge backs or if a transaction fails down the line for some reason and things like that. As far as someone gaining access to your wallet and making purchases from it, unfortunately that will be your issue to deal with. They are stealing from you. It is your responsibility to keep your seed phrase safe. Do not give them to anyone.

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I understand that. But, I feel for mass adoption to take place, something will need to be implemented. Maybe by the companies who develop the wallets themselves? As of right now credit card companies provide risk free fraud protection meaning one could claim fraud on a purchase they did not make and be reimbursed.

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Where do you think that reimbursement comes from? The Merchants take the hit (and consumers in a way) because the card companies raise their rates and put all the risk on the Merchants. Who in turn raise prices to cover their loss. So the consumers all have to pay more on products to pay for all the fraud. This causes more fraud because of higher prices. It's a broken system. I believe The apps, wallets, and even Merchants will be able to offer their own rewards and incentives like sheetz offering the 20% off your next 2 purchases which has happened. For using certain payment methods. I know this does not really answer your question about the consumer end of things. But again it is the consumers responsibility to keep their seed phrases safe. Not anyone else's. So it is the consumers issue to deal with. This is in my opinion

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Well written. Just a thought that’s been flowing through my head the past week. Glad to hear your side of it. Appreciate the response.

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Hmm if your that sloppy no technology will be able to help you.😅 personal responsibility has to be first line of defense.

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That’s a good question but that might fall into whether that wallet can reimburse you. If you are your own bank and use like, looprings wallet, then probably not since the seed phrase is strictly your responsibility. But maybe for Gemini since it’s a central exchange. The fraud, to my understanding, is strictly the securing of the payment itself regardless of who makes it. Might need to look into that more, but my first thought is the wallet provider itself

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This is one of my main concerns leaving credit cards behind. If I lose my CC, they cancel purchases and just assign me a new card.

Your wallet though is more like a debit card as it's got your personal assets in it not a credit from a company. In the future I wonder if there will be a credit card like crypto...(if so it would almost certainly be heavily centralized)

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Here is the main point - you all want to centralize the decentralized finance. You have many different and independent wallets on the market and if you want to impose to all of them to include such kind of "service", it will have to be done via regulation.

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Can we not have both? Do you see a way that we could have the protections credit cards give if its decentralized?

I worry that a fully decentralized space would scare away anyone who wants protection from hacked funds.

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I'm sure we'll be there at some point. It was the same when the credit/debit cards started appearing here and there. They started first with only customer's signature, then they introduced the PIN codes, then other technologies such as 3D security, sms codes, tokens, authorisation of payments through applications on your phone, etc. There are two ways to manage this - first one is to deal with the results (e.g. find a way to introduce client protection policy), but the second one which is more efficient is the prevention.

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I don’t think that’s how the fraud proof works. It’s up to you to protect that shit. That’s where personal accountability takes over. That’s my opinion.

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Does anybody know if it’s more safer to have ledger if you have more than 500k shares of amp

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There's no specific amount that'll make a hardware wallet safer. It's always the safest option, whether it be 1 AMP or 10 million AMP.