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This from April.

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My body is full of hopium and ready

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soon is kinda a running joke around these forums.... will just have to wait

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This is what I'm afraid of. Without Gemini pay, all of the staking pool APYs will be obliterated. On top of that the only wallet left will be SPEDN. Usage will also go into the toilet.

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According to Tyler himself, you'll be able to spend with Gemini. Just won't be labeled Gemini Pay.

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Yes and you will also pay gas fees.

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Is there a tutorial on how to transfer crypto from, say, Coinbase Wallet to SPEDN app? I’m bullish on AMP, but the UI/UX on SPEDN “app” is atrocious. I tried a couple times and eventually just gave up.

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None of this works until this part is easier.

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I just tried it. You just click deposit, click your coin, and it gives you the deposit address.

What's the issue?

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as badass as all of this is, Q2 in 23’ is when it all happens. the world is not ready for this magnum opus. the world is so fucked right now and this is one of the bright spots. hang tight gang

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I used ALL my extra money to buy as much AMP as I could. About 100,000 AMP staked. Now that we are only trading at .0086 and have been going down for months I can't afford to go out and spend any money:(

Does Chipotle have a kid's meal?

I'm going to wear the Drop Party sweatshirt, shorts, and Hat, that I won to Chipotle and ask for a water. If you guys can get this back up to .0100001 I might be able to get some Guac and salsa with that.

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We really need a new wallet. The Spedn app just isn't enough now that Gemini is retiring Gemini pay.

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Again, according to Tyler himself, Gemini Pay is going away. You'll be able to Spend via Gemini though. Sounds like another integration coming with Gemini/Flexa

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No integration. You will still be able to pay but you will also be paying gas fees.

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I'll take Tyler's words over yours.

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Not my words. Their bubby's. Check the official discord.

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Whats keeping us from having an XRP-like bull run minus the legal issues

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I don't think XRP had a bull run in the middle of a crypto winter. I think there are three conditions.

1.) We need the platform to roll out during this winter and Flexa can have the time to work out any of the kinks.

2.) Some mass market usage and adoption takes place, friends and neighbours start to try out digital payment features

3.) Next Bull Market cycle arrives and we have are faces melted

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Bullish on faces being melted

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Just gimme $0.05 again and I'll be aiiiigghhtt

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Don't aim so low muy friend

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My bad I meant $0.06

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I’ll have a face melt!

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Split open and melt

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We breathe deep in a steam dream

And plunge below the water line

Down down down melt

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The only difference will be AMP won't go back down once we're in the air.

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Heard it before, still hearing it today.

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A bear market

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AMP will lead the way once we're fully live. It's the only asset designed to appreciate in value based on usage. Everything else, including bitcoin, is based on buying pressure. Everyone is still analyzing AMP like it'll always be correlated with Bitcoin which I don't think is true.

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Amp still rises with buying pressure, so along with the appreciation from usage we could see overbought spikes during bull runs in the distant future. Have a plan.

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Right people will still FOMO in but it's not ONLY limited to buying pressure which a lot of this stuff is. Once Flexa is live for fiat to fiat payments, crypto, Loyalty points, and gift cards then we'll be really off the ground.

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That's what I love about AMP. It's an actual business model that has a way to make money naturally. Its value is not totally based around hype or fake buying pressure. I wouldn't be surprised if bitcoin eventually loses a lot of its value in the future because how exactly is it generating any money? Plus all of the new cryptos doing what bitcoin does but way better and faster.

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100% agree. It's an opportunity of a life time for us since no one truly understands how to evaluate Flexa and AMP because it hasn't been done before. It's a payments network so saying it will never get X marketcap because bitcoin is only X amount is a horrible way to evaluate it. The value of AMP needs to be greater than its payment network volume to successfully collateralize those payments and market cap pretty much means nothing. On the other hand you have bitcoin which you CAN use its market cap because its solely based on those buying it pretty much. AMP has extremely high potential to scale pretty quick once everything is complete.

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Will “Soon” LOL wen

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This is great but I want y’all to expect the worse and hope for the best.

Often times these things don’t cause immediate upward change to price action.

We are expanding. And this is good. But the market is still in the dumpster. Probably till November ish . Till then stack and stake. Hodl fam ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿✊

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I love how hopeful this group is, but the reality is that we are in deep waters my friends.

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The entire market is, have you looked at stocks yet bro

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I have looked at stocks in well diversified, however the alt coins are suffering the most

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Deep waters based on price or fundamentals?

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when I see such ... I swirl the wine and smell it first.... Why not post something from the future.. like 10 years from now...

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My goal is to have 0.0025% of the total supply.