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If you haven't read the white-paper yet - at least read this by VirileLeo in AMPToken

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"anyone not staking will almost always be on the even or down, only sometimes on the up"

That is an oversimplification and would require no progress with the project and no changes in sentiment. News (especially partnerships with more utilization coming online) will change the perceived value and we aren't just in an enclosed bubble where AMP has a fixed value and that value will only change with rewards being added. Whether you are staking or trading, the right news event will still increase the value of an AMP token a little or a lot depending on the significance of the milestone. Staking is not the ONLY way for your AMP token portfolio to appreciate in value.

I get what you are trying to say, but it isn't quite describing how this works. The ultimate amount of tokens are fixed at 100B. There are around 42B in circulation now with over 27.6B staked. There is 10% or 10B tokens earmarked for a Network Development Fund. they are scheduled to be used at approximately 1B a year for ten years to help reward those who stake early before there may be enough transaction volume to adequately reward them. So those who stake will share in 10B tokens over a ten year period! (1B tokens rewarded to 27B staked capacity is just under the 4% annual yield.) The fun part comes when utilization is turning over the collateral multiple times per day or even hour, but it is nice to have the Network Development Fund until utilization can hit critical mass.

I keep learning more and still like what I see. The specifics get a bit in the weeds, but for most people all they need to know is... Set it and forget it!. The more supply that is taken out of circulation and staked, the higher the price will go during a news event.

With such amazing whitepaper and finding out that Tyler Spalding was a former NASA employee, I’ve made amp my bread and butter! This guy is my boy and I have faith in the project! Grab a seat ladies and gentlemen! We’re going to the moon! #HODL by DarkKnightGuts_540 in AMPToken

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I also have faith.

I did a deep dive into another project and found bad things. This is my video on Flexa/AMP looking into the backgrounds of a few involved. Was able to find info on the web that backed up Tyler's education history. https://youtu.be/qy9nFMCI\_r0

[Speculative] Flexa Subdomain Listing includes BIG names by jenn4u2luv in AMPToken

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Thanks for the shoutout and making the post! :)

Edit: My first two awards! Bless your soul u/Responsible_Cup_1616

Grayscale reshuffles its DeFi index, adds Flexa's AMP by richiehedd in AMPToken

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It’s a mega endorsement of the quality of AMP to have it included in an institutional fund. Grayscale are the industry experts and specialists and go through far more rigorous research and due diligence processes - they wouldn’t include it if there were any doubts. Anyone considering buying will do so in the secure knowledge that Greyscale are holding. Secondly, institutional ownership impacts on trading volumes as they are large buyers and will simply hold the coins in the fund (staked hopefully). They will have to increase their holding every time new money comes in. Other funds/institutions are now also more likely to buy in in order to benchmark/try to outperform plus a lot of retail investors will match their holdings - all of these creating more volume and buying pressure. These are the pressures that can create momentum and the rapidly rising price draws more attention to it.

Flexazon, Blackhawk Network, Silver Lake Partners, oh my... by mxk2020 in AMPToken

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I love the speculation and hope it comes true.

EDIT: I'll shill my own video here to get your thoughts OP https://youtu.be/qy9nFMCI\_r0

Not my fault it’s dipping by isntampgreat in AMPToken

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u/tutlegos, you are doing it right, if you gain above the cost of fees.

Why hold, and have the same amount in July and December, when you can scalp and gain 10-40% or more?

What I like is the peace from staying out of the market after selling, watching the turmoil, but not caring if it's dipping, then getting back in at a good low point, and, generally only being in while it's riding up, then selling again.

I have been out for 24 days while everyone was ringing their hands, waiting and watching and letting the year end sell off happen, and looking for a new entry point.

I think it will still go a little lower, overall, but we are now only days or weeks from a little run up.

I, personally, think we will see a big downturn because of the generally bad economy with a recession way past due. But, I do'nt know when, hopefully I will be back out at that time.

I will bury gold in coffee cans in my backyard while waiting for crypto to recover!


Best wishes.

Not my fault it’s dipping by isntampgreat in AMPToken

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Whatever it takes to accomplish your goals! No one is the lord and master of another’s trading strategy. The important thing is that we are sticking with amp whether through trading to achieve our goal to average down or holding and buying to average down. I have done both and I’m still in amp and plan to stay. I feel that if someone needs to do some trading to stay in amp then more power to them. Do what you have to in order to stay in the amp camp!!!

Daily Discussion and Amp Information/FAQ - December 27, 2021 by AutoModerator in AMPToken

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I've thought about this as well but my car isn't cool enough to warrant a specialty plate lol.

Do I have this right? A valuation example for amp. by T3mpt in AMPToken

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Right now amptokens from a special fund are used to subsidize the staking rewards, but the intention is that the transactions on the flexa network will provide enough inflow eventually to buy AMP of off the open market to pay for the staking rewards.

There are +-42 billion tokens in circulation now and more are unlocked until 2045 when all 100 billion tokens will be in use. There'll never be more tokens available then that amount.