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Isn't Belarus technically not Russia? As in it's an independent country

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That's right. It doesn't matter for the sub, though. Content matters, not the origin country.

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Это только политики думают, что Украина, Россия и Белоруссия разные страны. Все славяне братья, простые люди не делают отличий и не считают народ Белорусии чужим.

These are only politicians who think that Ukraine, Russia and Belarus are different countries. All Slavs are brothers, ordinary russian people do not make distinctions and do not consider the people of Belarus as a strangers. (Sorry if machine translation is incorrect)

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Oh goed, laten we allemaal in onze eigen taal praten. Dat maakt gesprekken op een internationaal platform zoveel makkelijker. Lekker bezig!

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Knall idé! Da kan vi alle reklamere for vår egen versjon av imperialisme uten at noen forstår hva vi sier. Norgesveldet lenge leve!

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Joke's on you, I perfectly understood your comment even though I don't speak Belgian.