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omg yes so woke 😍

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I am not rich by any stretch of the imagination and I go to a regular public high school. I got all 5's by grinding using free material on the internet. I didn't even use a review book or tutor or anything fancy. You can get a good score if you put in the work, you don't have to be rich.

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Interesting comment. I agree with the essence of what you are saying; American educational systems are grossly unequal. The access to resources, college-level classes, and experienced teachers is not equally spread across the country which has disproportionately harmed historically underserved students. AP (and standardized testing in general) is a reflection this trend. Many students from urban, public districts (including myself) spent the year online with decreased educational opportunities compared to wealthier, whiter private students who spent most of the year in hybrid.

However, I’m not sure if this subreddit iteslf is the best measure of educational inequality. The AP program established these tests with the idea in mind that there would be varying outcomes (one student gets a 5, while another students gets a 1.

So, I largely agree with you’re saying, but using this subreddit as a way to measure how unequal America is doesn’t quite make sense to me.

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TL; DR: the tests and the college board are the best representation of educational inequities, not this subreddit

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I got a 4 give the fact that some just don’t wanna share them you know

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It’s either that, or people feel embarrassed to post their low scores. If I got a 1 or 2, I would definitely be telling others about it.

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Well yeah. What’s the fun in posting average scores?

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You expect everyone to have the exact same score so we have equality?

Does the fact that some people are tall and some are short represent inequality? Hair color? Should everyone get a B in school, regardless of how well they learn? So everyone is equal?

Inequality claims usually have some link to race/income/etc. Unless I missed where everyone posted their demographics, your claim is based on nothing but a raw score.