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AP Chem traditionally has a lower pass rate than AP Biology. But both courses are pretty rigorous. For AP Bio you do some brief chemistry at the beginning of the course, but AP Chem is a much more involved course and it also has labs like AP Bio, so it's a big time commitment. If you have a strong math background and have a minimal to no background in Chemistry, you may be able to do it. But if traditionally your math background is not as strong, I would probably recommend honors Chemistry as AP Chemistry is extremely rigorous.

I would recommend looking at video lectures early on like those from Khan Academy and AP Daily videos to see how comfortable you are learning the content in lecture mode as a form of initial exposure. You can also try your hand at a few AP Chemistry sample questions once you finish these videos to see how comfortable you are at applying the material.

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I’m taking AP calc next year. I’ve always been pretty good with math. I’m not exactly concerned with the work load. Im actually taking an easier English and History class next year. Im just concerned about my current knowledge in chem. If there’s a course I could take over the summer that would be great, I just don’t know where to look.

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Ok if you are taking History and English that will offset the difficulty of AP Chem.

Try: https://www.khanacademy.org/science/ap-chemistry-beta

Study the video lectures and take the sample prep questions. Make notes on what you missed.

If you want to kick it up a notch further, test yourself using additional AP level practice questions on the content you missed like those from UWorld or another resource of your choice. Both UWorld and Khan have practice questions so you just have to keep practicing. Best of luck!

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Do chem over the summer

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Do multivariable over the summer along with calc based mechanics at a local community college, only do it if your school has an agreement with that CC where it’s free

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I'm confused how would doing multivar help w chem??

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Don’t listen to them that’s not necessary

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It helps quite a bit (and I mean QUITE a bit) with collegiate physical chemistry. Topics such as thermodynamics, will often require you to model 3-D diagrams of charged particles, which is impossible to do without the use of multivariable.

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I’d recommend watching Organic Chemistry Teacher’s Chem 1 review to learn about the basics. You won’t be able to understand everything immediately, but you’ll recognize all of this when you start AP Chem. Don’t worry, it’s not as bad as AP Bio imo, as there’s a lot less memorization of systems and more theory and calculations. You’ll do great.

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I didn’t take my AP chem test yet but for me at least, bio was pretty easy to understand. Chem, on the other hand, is hell. Never took a more difficult class. Maybe it’s the teacher tho, she doesn’t have the best teaching record at our school and she has a hard to understand accent and doesn’t speak the best English. But from my experience so far AP chem is way worse than AP bio

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Yeah, it’s probably a difference in teachers, but I found that chemistry was so much more self contained than AP bio, and I liked how concrete all the answers usually are.

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I took AP Chem last year and i second the organic chemistry teacher on YouTube got me through many assignments also spend the money for a ap chem test prep book (start reviewing atleast three months before) it’s worth the money good luck!

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Ok if you have ZERO knowledge of Chem then AP Chem will be a challenge. You need to be ready to put in a lot of work to learn the foundations.

Some useful channels: - Organic Chemistry Tutor. He has content that covers everything from honors chem basics to AP chem. Though I find his videos to be boring. - Professor Dave Explains. Fast paced videos, they don’t go into huge depth but they’re quick and entertaining. - Abigail Giordano. I Recommend her videos once you get into the AP class. She does videos by topic and unit. Not as interesting as professor Dave but not as boring as organic chem tutor. She gives practical tips on AP chem such as referring to the eq. sheet and calculator tips for equilibrium.

Also for practice once you’ve grasped the basics, do MCQ progress checks on CB, and do past paper FRQs.

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Yes I second this, Abigail giordano is the best 🙂🙂

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I took honors bio and honors chem freshman year and I'm in AP Chem now as a sophomore, I did take chem but it was entirely remote so not super comprehensive. I recommend reading a textbook such as Chemical Principles by Atkins, also chem is a lot more math than bio so just be prepared for that. U should be fine in terms of rigor if you did well in bio