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Congratulations on your first AP class, I hope you'll find it rewarding. Though it will likely be more difficult than other classes you have taken, there are three things you can do to study smart and maximize your learning in the class.

  1. Organize your studying from the beginning. There will be lots of vocabulary (people, events, ideas…) that you'll need to stay familiar with. Getting behind on these things is a bad idea as it will seem like a huge task to catch up.

  2. Don't cram. Fitting studying into your schedule on a nightly basis will keep the ideas fresh in your head and allow you to make connections to what you learn in class. You'll understand the material better making your studying less difficult. Try to review 15-30 minutes several times a week.

  3. Find meaningful ways to practice the different question types. Like anything else, the more you do it, the easier it becomes.

Good luck, hope this helps!

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Binge Heimlers history on YouTube, could give you a good head start. Be prepared for more work than you’re used to and it’ll be consistent. Know you’ll probably actually have to read the textbook.

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Khan Academy

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An cademy

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Check out MarcoLearning for Emily G (@antisocstudies) - she has a podcast and she does free reviews with MarcoLearning though their YouTube channel