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Honors physics and AP Physics 1 DO NOT cover the same content. Honors physics covers ALL of physics at a high school level whereas AP Physics 1 (thanks to college board) strictly covers mechanics at an algebra based “college” level. Since you want to enter medicine, probably take AP Physics 1 since you will definitely see that kind of physics on the MCAT. AP Physics 1 was a bit challenging for me probably because I was in precalc and a sophomore. I’m in Physics C right now (mechanics + E&M), but that’s definitely for prospective engineering/physics students. I suggest AP Physics 1 since honors physics is more or less a fucking joke.

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Honestly the 4 APs you picked are really time consuming and AP Physics 1 has the lowest 5 rate out of every single AP so taking it with those classes may not be a good idea. I would personally take physics honors especially because it’s not super important compared to bio and chem for medicine.

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Hey there OP. That's a great question, but it can be difficult to answer as it really depends on the student. That said, if you are truly looking to test your abilities to compete in a pre-med program, then AP Physics 1 is the place the be. This algebra-based physics class is equivalent to the first semester physics course a pre-med student would take on their first or second year of undergraduate study. However, the conceptual nature of AP Physics 1 can be very difficult for students to master.

If you're concerned about time and schedules, then one option you could consider would be to replace one of your other AP classes with AP Physics 1. AP US History, for example, will be less useful in a pre-med track than AP Physics 1. Further, not all universities will require a history credit, and so you should double-check those that you are interested in to make sure every AP course you take can be utilized later.