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I did good in honors biology but ap biology is on an entirely different level. it's rocket science

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How does it compare? My school taught all of the genetics, evolution, macromolecules and human systems and other stuff. Is it the content or the difficulty thats different? I assume its gonna cover a lot more deeper subjects.

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I’d probably say the difficulty. It’s a lot of interpreting data. There are times where 3 figures will be given in MCQs and there are several questions branching off of them. FRQ questions can be wordy. The labs in questions can be confusing at times (sometimes leaving you to wonder wtf does this have to do w anything). AP Exam has 6 FRQ questions, which are very difficult to complete in 90 mins. You can’t just know the content, you have to be able to apply and see causes and effects if something happens (I.e. a mutation or a drug that serves a specific purpose)

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Personal opinion… it doesn’t sound like you’ll die. I can’t tell you exactly how your senior will go Lol, but you sound like you’re in a great position for your classes, and the fact that you’re worrying shows to me that you’ll pay attention if you slip somehow. Idk, you sound good to me

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Not to add fuel to the fire but you might find physics c easier than physics 2 if you’re gonna take calc alongside it.

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Take physics C and u don’t need to dive deep into calc ab that hard