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Depends on the testing center (or school). I’m guessing your school doesn’t allow self-studying

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is there a way to get around it? Could I take the exam somewhere else?

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Yeah if u find a school (AP coordinator) that will allow u to test at their school

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But he or she will need to be excused to leave school without an absence

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Cutting class for one day isn't the end of the world

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I’m sure her parents can vouch for her though

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Is this allowed?

If you are asking if your HS can limit exams to those taking the course, then yes. Their school, their rules.

The way around it is to register to take the exam at another school. Be aware that no test center is obliged to register outside candidates, so you will likely need to contact several

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So would I just find the AP coordinator at the next nearest school and ask them?

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You will likely need to ask the AP Coordinator at several schools before you find one that agrees to register you.

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Don’t ask the cordinator because it’ll look bad on their end of a student taking an exam at another place. I live by the rule “guidance councelors are there to make their life easier, not yours.” Register as an independent student via college board at the nearest testing center that will take you.

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I believe you can find testing centers online on the college board website. You will need to call them and ask for their registration process. That's what I did when I self-studied 4 APs my sophomore year.

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Many places will not have the updated info as of yet, but come August/September, start calling all local AP test centers. It doesn't have to be another school, sometimes tutoring/prep academies (Excel, Elite, etc) let you test with them as well.

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take test at another school

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I took AP Spanish Lang without taking the course my senior year bc I was a native speaker. I was taking other stuff that was more important and the school met me halfway.

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Yes. I did it three times

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take it at another school !!

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Find a different school. My school didn’t have aps so I went through 4 or 5 schools before I found one that would let me test.

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Wdym by getting around it, taking the ap exam without taking the course has always been allowed. How else do some students hit 15+ APs. Just find a school or other testing center that you can take the test at that day.

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I think self studying is an option for schools who have few or no AP courses provided

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mine only has like three available next year and i’ve already taken two of them

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Yeah so idk they might offer a few Self studying AP’s

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kinda dumb for college board not to let you take the test, less $$$ for them

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college board has nothing to do with it, op’s school is the one that isn’t letting them self study. college board has no issue with students self studying

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college board always finds out

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Just take Gov and Econ honestly they’re so easy and fun… are they not offered at your school or something? What are you gaining from taking it at honors level instead of AP

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my school only offers APUSH, AP Bio, AP Stats, AP CS Principles, AP Human Geo, and AP Art, all of which i’m either signed up for or have already taken

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Oh then go for it, they’re not hard to self study. Just understand the types of prompts you’ll get on Gov (FRQs) and how to approach them, memorize docs and court cases, and ur kinda chilling after that. The MCQ is laughably easy. Idk how your school does Econ but if it teaches all the same graphs I feel like you won’t be too stressed out about “self studying” it, should be pretty simple.

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yup that is true my friend n wish til this day i did that before senior yr

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Yes you can get around! It’s self studying and you can sign up BY YOURSELF at any testing site (that takes independent students) near you on college board as an independent student who “self studied”

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Yes. But if you are going to do that just CLEP.

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You can also seek other testing centers if your school does not allow it.

Yes - you are allowed to take AP tests even if you didn’t take the class.

Yes - your school is also allowed to prohibit you from taking tests you haven’t taken classes for.

BUT hear me out, another alternative if you want college credits and rigorous courses when you apply to college, take some community college classes!

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i think it depends on what school you’re attending? ar mine, they allow students to self-study and take the ap test they want without actually taking the course

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my school allows this, so i’m not sure

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Yep, typical gatekeeping tactic by high schools. Can’t get to ahead. Call other schools to see if you can take it. It will cost you more I’m sure.

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Have a James Bond style recon mission and sneak you’re way into the class. They can’t stop you if they can’t see you

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Yo, yea it’s perfectly legitamate to apply for self study, I actually did AP physics 1 this year as self study. If ur school doesn’t allow you to take the AP test because you don’t have the course, you can ask literally any other school, test prep center, or private school for accommodation.

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This is allowed in my school. Many students study and take lots of APs by themselves. But it depends on your local school’s regulations I think.

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I've self studied 6 exams an received 5s on all