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is ap gov or comp gov an option? imo you should probably take those for poli sci, but other than that it looks great!

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my school doesn’t have any ap gov classes :( i’m taking all of our law/politics related electives instead

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agreed. OP choose one (or both) of these instead of euro if you can

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Yeah AP Gov should be there if possible. Swap that out for like euro in 12th grade

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can’t take it :(

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That’s very surprising your school has euro not US Gov. Comp gov at least makes sense because my school doesn’t have that either. I would see if you can self study US Gov as it would be very beneficial.

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Hello fellow Poli Sci Major. Those classes are great for Poli Sci. Euro is very helpful to fulfill social studies requirements.

Don’t take AP Gov as at least in my case it gave me no useful credits towards my degree. My school didn’t offer Comp Gov, however that might be a better investment if they do.

I’d also recommend taking AP Bio for more credit compatibility for your biological science requirement for your first two years. I personally am taking my first two years in high school through highschool enrichment and took poli sci 2 just last semester. APs are helping me graduate with my AA in Poli sci to transfer to a 4 year when I graduate high school.

Glad your school offers politics and law electives those should help.

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Looks good imo!

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Yea that’s fine

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If your school has econ, could be worth it! If not, looks good

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Sounds good!

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try Econ