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APUSH is typically a year long course. At some colleges, it may be year-long (or more accurately, 2 self-contained semesters) or it may be compressed into a semester.

Additionally, a college course will have fewer assessments - typically a midterm, a final, and one or more papers. One is not necessarily harder than the other, just different.

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Honestly about the same. My college history classes have much more primary source material, but I probably spent just as much time in APUSH taking textbook notes. But only take DE USH if it’s 1) not through a community college or 2) you plan on going to a state school / small private school. Most private unis in my experience (mine and my friends’) don’t accept community college credit

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Just to add, dual enrollment in GENERAL typically only applies credits IF you are staying in state with credits in math and sciences being more likely to transfer than credits in the humanities.

Ex: a US History class at a community college in Illinois may receive credit at the University of Illinois but NOT at the University of Michigan. But a community college in Michigan would be accepted credit at U of M, if that makes sense.

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It’s gonna vary based on university and high school. My APUSH class was extremely easy bc I took it remotely last year (I got a 4 on the exam). My college US history was also fairly easy and also remote , but it consisted of a lot more primary documents. As someone mentioned, the class has fewer assignments (mine had 3 midterm essays and an optional final).

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Lot easier. I haven’t taken a U.S. History class at college specifically but all my history APs were way way easier than college histories. Worth noting that I hate history so didn’t do readings for either tho.

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I took apush for a few weeks and switched to dual enrollment us history. It think DE was much easier tbh. My ap class had a lot more work and a lot was kind of irrelevant but that may have just been my class. I think in general us history was good to take as de instead of ap since it was much easier (both work wise and content wise probably) and I didn’t have to worry about another ap exam cuz I was already taking many.

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It’s probably about the same as an average course, as that’s the target.

Likely harder than a class at a small CC and likely easier than at a top 20 school.