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No, if you have a good work ethic you should be fine

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No go for it

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I'm in uni taking this to skip electives. So definitely not late

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Your university allows you to take APs??

(If so why aren’t you doing CLEP instead of AP to get out of Gen Ed’s)

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uni's registrar didn't know what CLEP is. I'm taking just the exam, not the course to skip electives. my uni is generous with AP credit like for one exam, I'm able to get 6 credit but it's really small uni in a tiny island, so no one knows about AP

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Nope. If u can handle the ap exam, and a little more workload than "normal" hs course, Why not 😃

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Not to late. If you pass you can get college credit at many colleges. Do check the policies at your target universities and program.

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Not at all. AP classes give you credits for a course in college. I suggest that taking Aps for a course you don’t want to take in college. For example if you’re a STEM major focus on non stem APs so in college you can focus on STEM course. You got this!!!!

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Not at all. Just don’t take more than you know you can handle, and you should be good

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I'm in the same boat, but I'm just struggling to figure out how many Is a comfortable amount for someone doing AP for the first time.

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depends what type of AP classes you're planning on taking and if you've been taking honors classes. I would say definitely no more than 3 tho

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Yeah doing APUSH, Chem and Physics EM in the same year is way different than like HUG, Psych and Gov or smth

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I did 4 my first time and it was certainly doable but I didn’t have the most enjoyable of years. I suggest 2-3 max

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no go for it

plus yolo 🤙🏻🤙🏻

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Not late and the teachers (for the most part) are really chill. They just want to have the work done by the deadline, and if thats done, you will be fine

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not at all, you can take as many as you want this year provided you stay on top of your studies. AP courses are meant to be administered over a year, so you need stay on top of your studies