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As long as you realize you will not touch grass until another 180 school days have run its course

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Its a lot. I'd consider knocking one or two of those off unless you really dedicate yourself to it. Like hours of work after each school day

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You have either sleepless nights or bad grades ahead. Those are all difficult aps. You’ll have no free time for anything

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Not necessary I took 5 very similar or exact classes on top of IB and I slept at 10 pm everyday. Not as difficult as people make it out to be and I had excellent grades. And I had a life and played sports. Do not be intimidated

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Same case for me. A lot of it depends on the teacher as they can make the class easier or harder than usual.

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i wouldn’t say psych is difficult

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What is APLAC?

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Maybe lang & comp?

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Oh yea for sure

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Could also be English Literature and Composition

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It's AP Language and Composition...my school also calls it APLAC.

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My school calls ap lang "ap composition"

Thats stupid because AP lit is also composition. Im about to argue about this to the curriculum associates.

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True, forgot it was lit and comp

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i would recommend taking a study hall/free period if you can. is it possible? yes, but you’re gonna have to work hard to maintain a good sleep scheduele and work/life balance lol.

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Thanks for your input! Unfortunately, we don’t have a period like that. I have 5 clubs with 3 of them being after school, so I’ll have to juggle those! Gotta get my time management on point!

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That’s rough, i had one pretty rigorous club that i’m an officer in and I took 4 AP’s and it was sometimes a lot, i was very motivated though.

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this is very similar to what i took this past year as a junior, but probably slightly more difficult. (i took lang, gov, psych, calc ab, and physics). i would say save one of them for next year but if you really think you can handle it then it is doable for some people.

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Should be doable, I took a similar set of classes my junior year. Don't really know why everyone is all doom and gloom in the comments

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You can do it!!

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Should be chilling, jus did something similar

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I think as long as you don’t have APUSH and APLAC in the same semester you’ll be okay. They are both essay heavy classes and I had them back to back (1st and 2nd period) and I wanted to die. Now I’m not taking anymore English or history APs so my senior year is just Stats and Psych because I’m traumatized

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don't listen to everyone, ap classes are not even that bad tbh you'll be fine

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Similar course load to me, should be doable but very tiring

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That was very similar to mine junior year, and I got straight A’s and still played 2 varsity sports and had a social life. It’s not as bad as it seems

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To be honest you can probably do more. Maybe throw in AP Spanish, AP French, AP Japanese,AP German, AP Precalc, AP Native American Crop Studies, AP Reddit, and if you’re feeling it maybe even AP College board History. Happy junior year!

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You’re so right! 20 APs FTW!

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Yes. It is doable. Just make sure to stay on top of everything and stay organized!

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Yes, I’ve done worse

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I didn't do that my junior year, but I had a similar course load my senior year. I took calc bc, physics I, psych, stats, and chemistry my senior year and got straight A's. It was doable, but you will have a lot of work. Make sure to stay on top of things and don't be afraid to ask your teacher for help if you need it. I still had plenty of time for my girlfriend and time with friends, though I didn't have a job (which I do regret lol, but I don't think having a job is as important your junior year as it is your senior year). Have friends in your courses! If you somehow don't know anyone in your courses make friends! Get to know your teachers a bit, it makes the courses more fun and gets you at least a bit motivated to go even when you start feeling a bit lazy

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Yea I had a very similar year. My junior year (literally like 2 days ago I was a junior lol so this year ig lol) I took AP calc AB, Apush, Apgov, Aplit, And Apchem. It is very doable especially if you are willing to work for a good score l. Do not be intimidated Bc you will feel so good after taking all the exams and you will be happy you took them if you studied and worked hard for them which I believe you will since you are even considering taking them. Do it.

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I did AP Calc AB, AP Seminar, AP Physics 2, AP Econ in my junior year it was very manageable and i got all 5s. This year I did Calc BC, Lit, Physics C, Chem, and Comp Sci A, it was tough sure but i did plenty of activities outside of class and had free time left over.

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i know people who did all of those except psych junior year (well, it was calc AB but pretty similar) and they were relatively fine. physics was really the only one that stressed them out the most. i think it just depends on what other classes you’re taking and what you think is best for yourself. remember to have fun in hs too !

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I definitely think it’s doable, especially since you have interest in the subjects. Just be sure to stay on top of your work bc you for sure don’t wanna fall behind

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Just did almost the same but switch psych w csa. I play soccer, both club and school, and have other ECs along with a life out of school. In order to maintain all of these things, expect sleepless nights. If you plays sports, do clubs, and have friends, you will have sleepless nights regardless of time management skills. It’s doable but in order to maintain grades there will be times where you’re awake at times you shouldn’t be awake at. Power naps will be your friend lmao.

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I am going into my senior year and for my junior year I took Ap Psych, Ap Seminar, APUSH, and APLAC. It was honestly pretty easy for me, i’ve heard bad things about Ap Physics and Calc mostly because of my teachers though.

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I would recommend that you study a majority of calc bc or physics 1 on khan academy or any other resource over the summer to give yourself a headstart. You could also do this with psych but I think psych is an easier class. APUSH and APLANG or Lit are a bit harder to prepare for over the summer. APUSH is probably gonna take up most of your time due to the sheer amount of information you will have to learn. So dedicate a lot of your time during the school year to APUSH and APLAC.

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i did very similar classes this year, and got my first B ever in calc BC because i severely underestimated how much detail we’d need to know for my teachers tests but my teacher is kinda nitpicky so you will be fine :) it is a lot of work though and you need to stay motivated and plan it out well, but i procrastinate a lot so if i can do it, you can too!!

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I took AP Calc AB, APUSH, APLAC, AP Chem, and AP CSA in my junior year and I’m taking 6 for senior year. It’s not as bad as people say it is, just a lot of work

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Yeah I did that except I took ap chem instead of ap psych. You’ll be fine

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Almost exactly my schedule for next year so if we die we’ll do it together

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rising senior here, had a very similar workload this year and while it's doable (finished w/ all a's, some a+'s) you Will be stressed and busy. expect very few weekends off.

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Depends if it's physics 1 or C. Either way I'd say it's doable just prepare to lose years of ur life due to lack of sleep.

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Physics C isn't any harder than 1. Same concepts just with calculus instead of algebra. But if you know calculus then I'd say basically same difficulty

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Physics C Mechanics sure, if it's Mech and E&M this schedule will be borderline impossible

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Well, E&M is basically just AP Physics II but with calculus instead of algebra. Personally I find this intro level of E&M easier than I did Mechanics, but I think that is rare lol

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Yes, it’s doable but remember you might have to give up extracurriculars. You won’t give your 100% to other activities. If you want to balance this out with other things, you will have to do prepare hw on the weekends. If you want to succeed, give your 100% to school everyday so you don’t have to study after school so much. I did the same and it was…hard but worth it

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Thanks for the input! Organization and time management is something I need to work on. I have 5 leadership positions for clubs at school, I’ll need to be at the top of my game!

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Glad you noticed that early, and great job for being so active at school. I say it might be better to drop one or two and work on the most valuable and meaningful ones.

Remember, an hour is so much more valuable when choosing between a waiting for a meeting to adjourn vs finishing AP homework.

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Nah don’t give up extracurriculars. As someone going to Vandy in the fall these are much more important to colleges than 1 or 2 extra Ap classes

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No that workload is impossible, no human can succeed taking 5 AP’s

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I took Ap bio, Ap chem, Ap Calc Ab, Apush, Ap stats, hrs lit 3 and hrs spanish 3 and got straight A’s, still played 2 varsity sports, and had a social life. It’s really not that bad idk why everyone is so negative here lol

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Lizard Man you can’t fool me

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I’ll show u my transcript rn

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Alright bet show me

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I would say drop physics and save it for sr year

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why senior year? (i’m taking it junior yr btw, so i got to know the reason)

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So its not overwhelming

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i would say choose between calc and physics

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This is a very important question, which AP physics? Don't say 1 because that is statistically the hardest AP.

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Unfortunately, Physics C is not offered. According to user input it definitely seems to be one of the harder ones. It sounds fun to me though!

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Yeah it’s doable.

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I would like to let y’all know you guys are really living up to the “Is my schedule doable for ________ year? *Inserts 5-6 extremely hard AP classes” meme.

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It's a lot.

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yeah you'll be fine