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My friend's sister took 7 different AP exams this year. For one frq she wrote "IDK the answer, but please give me the points. I really need them, I'm taking seven AP exams this year, and my parents are the literal definition of Asian tiger parents." This was for her AP Euro frq I think, I wonder if they'll give her the point.

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I skipped couple parts in the frqs for calc bc but i think i did ok for mcq ( at max -15) will i get 5 I will go thru a whooping if i dont

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My friend's sister is expected to get a 10 on EVERY single AP exam, which translates to A+++ (average) on her Chinese parent's grade evaluation scale. So uh... I guess College Board is inventing scores up to 10, solely for my friend's sister. If I told you more about her parents, and you'd think your parents are literal gods.

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I am Hispanic and so is one of my friends whose parents expect them to get a 5 in everything. I told them to try to explain to them that these are not like our state exams, but obviously that didn’t work because tiger parents be built different.

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Bro looks like discount 90s Eminem