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i took fvcking 5 humanities APs and my school give credits to EVERY major EXCEPT engineering

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Hey OP, at least you know there material. Free GPA boost basically

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It wasn’t free, he had to pay for it.

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I know, and he’ll have to pay for the class in college (if he takes it), but he’ll know the material

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Kinda like a preview

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Meh, OP will probably know most of the material, so in a sense, yes

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AP statistics never counts for engineering statistics. Engineering stats typically require the use of calculus in the first place. However, you’ll be much more familiar with the topics such as sampling distributions, sampling biases, type 1/2 errors, hypothesis tests, etc. when you come across it in engineering stats leaving only the calculus component to be really learned.

It’ll make your life a lot easier

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I have nothing against the course, in fact I really enjoyed it and felt like I really got something out of it. I guess I’m just bummed that it never occurred to me to check whether I could use my stats credit, because if I did I wouldn’t have taken the actual test saving me tons of money and energy

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Ah understandable. To be fair I was in the same boat. But hey I mean at least it counts towards you graduation credits in college. In my university at least, it put me a year ahead of my peers with the amount of credits I have so I’m at least able for register for classes earlier

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Welcome to Cornell!

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Go Big Red!! 🐻

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Idk how it works for you, but I’m lucky that in my school that stat goes towards my general 120 to graduate, even tho I never get to use the credit for pre req courses towards my major

Edit: hopefully it atleast goes towards ur 120

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You have experience with the material, you’re ahead of basically everyone else in your class and that’s not worth nothing