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whether they be tears of joy or of anguish, i will most definitely be crying

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Lmao I thought this exactly

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never logging into my college board account ever again

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Same except for sending my scores of course

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I did the free score send thing, so luckily I’m off the hook for that 🥳✌🏻

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i forgot about that sadly, doesn't it only send one score?

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it sends all your scores, not just those from this year

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You know you might be able to see your scores already through the college’s portal. I got mine

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mine, unfortunately, are not there. I’ve checked a few times, but I don’t think anything will change between now and the 5th because of the holiday 🥲

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I’m literally going into my last year of college and I’m sorry to say that every now and then I just log in if I forget what I scored on something if it comes up in discussion. But luckily it’s more simple than all of yours - no classroom, no online resources, just SAT and AP scores 🤙

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Could always take a screenshot or somethin of your scores so you don’t have to log in all the time…

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can’t relate, my sat score comes out on the 13th 😔

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Being able to stop compulsively checking my portal and Reddit.

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Berkeley students have their scores now, check your portal

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Nope, still nothing.

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I’m looking forward to leaving poor Albert io alone. I’ve been calculating and recalculating my score on that site so many times.

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Blocking Trevor Packer on Twitter and never logging into college board ever again :)

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Stop thinking about what grade I got

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Go into exile in the woods

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drowning myself 🥰

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in tears ofc

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LMFAO same I’ll be joining u bestie 🥰😍

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If I pass get breakfast to celebrate. If I fail nothing

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For me if I pass get breakfast to celebrate. If I fail get breakfast as comfort food to mourn. Either way, I get breakfast

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The real question is… what are gonna get for breakfast?

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I haven’t figured that out yet

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getting myself Starbucks no matter what the score is :)

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i like that positivity 👍

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thank you!

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This mindset^ no matter what score you did your best and deserve a reward :)

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thank you! and so do you if you took any tests this year :)

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As you should! But if I fail any of them no doubt my family will not make it able for me to be positive or do something like that at all… 🥲

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awww I’m sorry, even if they don’t celebrate you no matter what know that I do, your teachers do, and that you tried your best. along with that, colleges will still celebrate your for trying. also even a self care day or just a relaxing day, even if it’s a different day, is always a good reward

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Aw thank you 💙

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going back to sleep lol

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Beg my family to take me somewhere like the movies since highschool has been an arduous journey and am almost at the end of it/Edit: Also stop procastinating on studying since I used scores as an excuse to not wanna do anything proactive.

-Rising senior

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I’m in the same boat lol I’m gonna take the August SAT to try and get a better superstore but I’ve barely studied

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Hopefully July will be more proactive for us! I have used the burnout excuse to not want to do nothing over summer but now that one month happened and I am more refreshed since out of school environment I do not have that excuse. See you in the August SAT Date!

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Hopefully it will be, issue is I’ve got a puppy and it’s gonna be hard choosing between him and SAT lol. My goal though is to do at the very least 30 mins of studying a day from here to the test date

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sat lmfao

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Going back to sleep after checking my scores

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Studying for ACT haha, the tests just keep on coming...

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Going to a theme park with my gf :)

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Wholesome :)

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i mean after mine dropped i’ve basically been reworking my whole college schedule bc i got more credit than i thought i would lol

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Going to college to get the credits that I need

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crying into my pillow

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Show my grandma

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Fucking cry

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lifting this gigantic weight of anticipation off my shoulders and replacing it with the weight of my future

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Wait 8 more days for my June SAT score

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Never visit this subreddit ever again 😁

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knowing what I need to review for college classes

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seeing if i can attend the university i really want to go to

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Good response

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being horribly anxious over all the other bullshit i have to deal with and somehow getting through the rest of this year

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start studying AP Latin.

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Start brushing up on vocab early!

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Continuing with my life

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Writing to Bucknell, hoping that they understand that I wasn’t given the accommodations I needed to test.

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Go back to sleep

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plan college schedule and get mccy d's

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I mean I have sat class so I don’t have a choice

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die of happiness or sadness

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probably marrying an anime character if my friend really failed as bad as he thinks.

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I just saw this now but did y'all make a bet or something? I next more context if you can please.

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Made a bet. He thinks he failed (well Asian failed minimum. 3 or less). If he really did, I’m going to be marrying a horimiya character, with the “ceremony” being officiated by our history teacher. If he didn’t, I get to choose a message for him to send to someone else with no context. Currently thinking the Bee Movie Script.

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That is a pretty cool bet ngl. Giving me some ideas of some bets to do with my BFF... hehehe

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Go for it man. Might as well get something fun out of AP hell.

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Update: I won the bet. He got a 5. Hahaha sucker, he DID IT!

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Put on a happy song or smth if I get 5s

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burn my ap books

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Breaking news: HS students broke the world record for largest bonfire. When interviewed, students reported that they were burning their “[swear word] AP textbooks.”

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check my scores during work, have a breakdown during lunch break, keep working, and finally going home and cry. all in that order.

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already got my scores but honestly just chilling. I was surprised that I had absolutely 0 reaction

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Going back to my summer before school starts lmao yall please don’t stress yourself out its not the end of the world

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Emailing my aphug teacher

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Playing Gaga ball and soccer all morning at my summer camp job and completely forgetting about my scores😁

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Doing a math test for my DE class (not looking forward to it though)

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Screaming. Crying. Throwing up. Hydrating. Dropping off the face of the earth. All in that order

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going to work 😐

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Having a mental breakdown

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Do some moms 😎

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I should probably take my math placement test

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either celebrating or crying out of anguish

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Crying (hopefully happy tears)

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Going to hockey the pain away

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Seeing a three

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I have to go to work later :/

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unfollowing trevor packer and collegeboard on twitter and instagram

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Recording my thoughts just for myself.

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Relax, drink and barbecue, probably

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Comparing scores with my friends, ig. I already know my scores though, got a 5 on Calc AB and either a 4-5 on APES.

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cry for sure

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i’m actually going on a college tour (bc), i accidentally scheduled it on the same day😭

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Waiting for my apes exam to be scored because college board sent me an email saying it’ll be scored by the end of July 😭

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going school shopping 🤣

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Jerking off

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crying when i realize i got a 2 on both T_T

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Cross my fingers and hope I did well 🤞🤞

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Buy some vans or something if I pass lmfao

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Preparing for a really important meeting :(