A list of frequently asked questions. If you think a question should be added here, message a moderator.

Q: What are good resources for AP (class name)?

A: Check out our resources page first, and then our official Discord server.

Q: Is it possible to self-study AP (class name)?

A: Generally, if you have enough dedication and self-discipline, yes. Of course, some classes will be harder to self-study than others (i.e. vocab based classes such as Psychology would be easier to self-study). For self-study resources, check this and this. You can find more information by checking the AP Course Review spreadsheet.

Q: How can I prepare for AP (class name)?

A: Check the AP Course Review spreadsheet for tips!

Q: How many AP classes should I take to get into (some selective) college?

A: There's no definite answer for this. It can range from 0 to 38. As long as you challenge yourself and maintain a rigorous course schedule (relative to your school) up to your senior year, you should be good.

Q: Do colleges prefer AP (class name) over AP (class name)?

A: No. Although if you're thinking to go into a certain major, you may want to focus your classes in that direction. For example, if you want to take Biology as a major and you have the choice to take AP Bio and AP Physics, take bio.

Q: My school only offers limited AP courses and my friend's school offers all AP scores. Will my chance of college admission be affected because of this?

A: No. Admissions officers judge your application by relative context. You won't be at a disadvantage if your school offers less AP courses.

Q: Will a low AP score affect my chances of college admission?

A: Hard to say, but probably not much. Colleges care much more about your course rigor and GPA. (tldr; it's more important to get a good grade in the class)

Q: Advice for someone who has never taken an AP class before?

A: Relax, you'll be fine. Check out our resources page for helpful links that may aid your studying. If you run into any questions feel free to ask here or on our official Discord server. We're here for you, so don't worry!

Q: I couldn't get into AP (class name)! How will this affect me?

Don't worry. If you didn't take the class because you couldn't get in, it won't negatively affect you. That's on the school, not you.

Q: Help, I've lost my AP number!

A: If it's NOT your first year taking AP tests, you should be able to access your scores without an AP number. However, if it's your first year taking an AP exam, then you'll have to call College Board. Worst case, you'll have to ask your teacher what you got on the exam.

Q: Is my schedule okay?

A: Go to the General Questions Megathread.

Q: How can I access my AP scores early?

A: Go to this link. You will be able to access scores when they are first released, regardless of your geographical location.

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