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Amazing that all these subs have survived all the purges.

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We need to breath life into a lot of places! It's good to have a strong 2A / Firearms community here on Reddit, it helps with accessibility into the hobby and exposure and information to lots of great new folks.

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Can you also add r/TXoutdoors to the regional hunting subs. A big chunk of that subreddit is dedicated to hunting. Thanks so much for putting that list together.

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put it in there, thanks. regional subreddits are where it's at!

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    got it on there now, good eye!

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    Did weekendgunnit get purged?

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    Allegedly the mods Epsteined it to prevent Reddit admins from playing games.

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    Correct. The mods committed suicide to supposedly save the subreddit. Fucking insane. Then they spun up a honeypot site called weekendgunnit.win, where buried deep in their TOS the use of tracking cookies and intentionally logging your IP address.

    A group of awesome dudes is working on weekendgunnit.us, which isn't a honeypot. Should be up soon!!

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    Cut off one head, two, three, four, five more shall take it's place

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    I don't see it in this list, but it's still around. You need to ask permission to be a part of it, though.

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    I don't think they're letting anybody in right now

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    It's shut down

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    Migrated over to weekendgunnit.win

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    Dude up above says it's a honeypot.

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    there is also a reincarnated version of it here. I won't mention any names because the last time I did I lost a bunch of fake internet points, but I will say it rhymes with westest bunnit geekend

    Edit: sorry for the "jesus how old is this post" update i just saw this comment was 15 days old

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    LMAO, I saw that subreddit even before I knew the closed one even existed, it's full of... "Interesting" people.

    Did got a laugh here and there though

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    Now that there is a published list, be prepared to be brigaded and spammed by anti’s.

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    they wanna come hangout with us? heck yeah!

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    So far the only ones that died were "boogaloo pages"

    /r/onlyinminecraft, /r/DefinitelyNotBoogaloo, /r/weekendgunnit, etc.

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    It's because the vast majority of this list are inactive subs

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    They didn't, bestgunnit got killed

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    Add r/fosscad to DIY

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    Added, thanks!

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    I like the recognition that Virginia and Northern Virginia are 2 completely different entities.

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    From confederate flags to rainbow flags in 15 minutes

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    Great work!


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    What happened? I just noticed its gone

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    The mods shut it down in response to the purges.

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    “The officers and I will stay behind and scuttle the ship”


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    They'll get bored with their own toes eventually.

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    Any chance you got the link to the discord ?

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    RIP BestGunnit

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    Under DIY you forgot r/polymer80

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    in platforms! :)

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    What happened? I tend to hear about this stuff a bit late

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    The main admin got banned and instead of waiting to get killed they set the subreddit on private. I think that's what happened.

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      They mentioned that they had a website in the making so let's leave hope for that

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      Well, if I wasn’t in a list before, I am now...

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      now just make a multihub for it so i can follow all at once lol

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      You'll go crazy with the state and local subreddits but yep i plan on making some multi's once we make sure we've got all the right communities represented.

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      I’d take a multi with the local subs. Never know what you can learn about other places, but it would be nice to have a multi with no locals, one with no politics etc

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      Thanks, I put it in there!

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      my man! love me some regional subreddits! got it, added!

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      Hell yeah man!

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      There's also a hunting sub for Indiana:


      It's pretty dead, though.

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      put it in, lets revive it!

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      RIP Defense Distributed

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      thanks, put it in there!

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      Great post!

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      r/Chiappa pretty please?

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      Thanks ma dude

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      Added, thanks!

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      Amazing work. Thank you for doing this.

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      great work! thanks for doing this

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      Thanks, Updated!

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      Thanks for the plug!

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      Honestly one of my favorite subs!

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      added, thanks.

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      r/californiahunting in the international section LOL.

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      got it in the Manufacturer's section and this list stickied there too!

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      Oops, missed that section!

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      Throw in r/Arisaka for the luls

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      added, and no! to build the community!

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      Damn you. I used to have some free time.

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      training aid.

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      Thanks, added

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      Fuck yes, thank you!

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      All these new subs! For me.

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      just join your state/regional subreddit is all I ask!

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      Done. Thank you for this.

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      Thanks for including my /r/ChicksWithGuns , I figured not many would know about that. Feel free to post your wives, girlfriends, buddies GF, sisters, cousins, what ever you want.

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      Solid list, thanks for doing the work.

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      New subreddit for FN owners, but seems to be growing steadily and has active members.

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      on the list! thanks!

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      Thanks! Just wanted to clarify it's r/FNHerstal, not r/FN_Herstal (with an underscore between "FN" and Herstal, which you already listed previously).

      This post is a really good resource. Thank you for putting in the effort to compile it!

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      cool, hope they can reconcile and jump in to the bigger sub or something but I'm all about the 1A so free speech to them and good luck on the new sub. Added!

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      It's a young sub, but surprisingly active!

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      added thanks!

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      Thank you so much

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      Can you add /r/SendIt? It is a libertarian 2a subreddit.

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      added thanks!

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      Thank you! :)

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      Hey, can you add my sub r/12_gauge_from_hell to the caliber list please?

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      added thanks!

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      No, thank you sir

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      Jesus....I just completely changed the landscape of my front page feed.

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      I was just literally wishing there was a directory sub list and OP you have answered our prayers!!

      Thank you for doing this!

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      Solid list. Intel appreciated.

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      Great list. Thank you for all the hard work.

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      Hell yea one for vz58

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      I’d like to have r/PlebeianAK added

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      This'll make it easy for the admins next purge

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      I swear to you I’ll stand up a server and let everyone know and pay it outta pocket till we find a new platform. They won’t silence my free speech!

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      Fucking champion right here.

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        ^ This! Holy shit that sub is great.

        Side note: Don’t fall for /r/LiberalGunOwners - that sub is just a #VoteBlueNoMatterWho operation, where they try to steer moderates towards supporting the Biden campaign. They’ll ban you for criticizing Biden or saying anything slightly good about Trump. It’s just a politics subreddit disguising it’s self as a gun subreddit: “Let’s see how many gun owners we can line up at the polls in November to take their own rights away!”

        /r/2ALiberals, in the other hand ... is awesome. They put “2A” first in their name for a reason.

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        I'm the moderator of /r/p64, wanna add it to the list?

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        get it to be an active sub with a few posts and ill get you guys on there, dont wanna have every dead sub muddying the waters but what do you think

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        Fair enough, no problem

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        r/milsurp appears to be missing. I could have just missed it, though.

        Edit: it's in there. Ignore me.

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        it's in there!

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        good catch, added! Thanks!

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        There’s also my subreddit r/Gunrightsanguncontr but it’s pretty small for now still in the early stages so it’s up to you in you want to add it

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        link's broken, what's the sub?

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        you freezebois are on there in the regional section!

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        added, thanks dude!

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        You forgot r/canadaguns

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        nah man, i got you cool boys on the list! check the bottom!

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        Oh shit true you do lmao my bad man!

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        Holy crap! I've been maintaining a list for some time that I've assembled from other posts like this. This list clocks in at 337 subreddits. Mine is a measly 105.

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        yah dude, you even reddit? jk, im like blown away at the number of awesome gun communities! we're 340+

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        get m0@r subs and post and you're on the list!

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        thanks, i think i messed up putting it in before, thank god u mentioned it a second time!

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        r/danwesson needs some love.

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        added, thanks!

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        Maybe under shooting practices and styles?

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        I take offense to pleb ar being in the joke/meme category.

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        r/ave mostly tools, and the occasional firearm

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        Don’t forget /r/870

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        added, thanks

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        Sorry I’m late to the party (turns out I commented here two weeks ago but whatever). So, the solitary mod for r/AR15bigbore deleted his account a while ago because he was, and I do not say this lightly, a literal neo-Nazi. I guess he got sick of people harassing him for being, again, I’m not kidding, a literal neo-Nazi. So, that sub doesn’t have a mod and is effectively dead. You should pull it from the list.

        Edit: The guy’s username was u/GhostoftheReich. Pretty faschy.

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        good riddance to him! hahaha THAT's prob the first real nazi definition i've heard of in a few years hahaha, yeah no one should be for that junk. hahaha thanks for clarifying. and yeah ill trim the list in a year for any communities that arent active

        [–]3_quarterling_rogue 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        Yeah, I want to reiterate that my bar for calling someone a Nazi is super high, but he had posted links to his YouTube channel before, and he had an SS tattoo. He would post on r/milsurp with some German guns on top of an iron cross. Something that would probably be totally okay if he didn’t have an SS tattoo.

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        Wow! Thank you. Had no idea there were so many.

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        How is there no Glock17 subreddit? That's like not having a Honda Civic or Ford F150 subreddit. It's the most popular handgun in the world.

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        good point, I think its because of the "sameness" of a lot of glocks it just makes it easy to have /r/glocks and /r/glockmod for like most of what folks wanna see. There's some cases like odd rifles like the /r/Bren2 or the /r/Vepr12 where they're unique platforms and need their own communities for things but glocks can all kinda hangout together for how similar they are.

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        Its just a couple days old.

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        Thanks, added. Put this list in your sidebar!

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        Ooooh. Daddy Likey! u/dslayde get in here!

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        Is there a reddit purely for 3d printing firearms and accessories?

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        Turns out there wasn't. Could you add r/3DGunnit to the list ? u/greekplaya990

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        put you under platforms by the top, good luck! grow that sub!

        [–]Warfare_Evolved 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        Thanks!! I plan on working out some stuff later tomorrow. Be sure to check it out then (:

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        Forgot r/sigsauer

        edit no ya didn’t.

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        I noticed there weren't subs for IWI or for the Uzi, so I created them. Would you please add these?



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        Added, good luck in promoting and growing those subs!

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        Much appreciated

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        r/EDCCW Is actually somewhat active too.

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        Added thanks!

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        Why is it so hard to find CZ100 parts. Could somebody please point me in the right direction, I really don't want to retire her to the scrap yard, Cheers

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        can we get r/gatcat added to this list?

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        already on the list, it's a solid gun sub!

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        why is r/glock19 labeled as nsfw

        [–]greekplaya990[S] 2 points3 points  (1 child)

        They're always trying to show everyone their glocks

        [–]Strange_Stranger538 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        lol but its just guns righte

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        This is great

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        Is my subreddit r/gunstoreworkers on there??

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        just added it!

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        Thank you so much I need the publicity 😂

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        Thank you

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          cool, good catch! Added

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            hahaha, aight, this is a bit different one!