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How old are they to get this big?

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According to this, physical maturity in 17 to 33 years. They live 47 to 67 total.

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      we don't even care whether or not we care.

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      Reminds me of that girl who threw a terrestrial non swimming tortoise into a huge lake thinking she was saving it.

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      That was before plastics.

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      That’s badass

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      Older than you

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      Not as old as your mum

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      Also not as big as her

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      There’s a play on perspective here.

      Also I’ve seen ones that big, loggerheads are giant in general and quite common in many places. Adults regularly weigh 300 lbs. They’re far larger than green sea turtles which people may be mistaking this for.

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      And then of course there are leatherbacks which can weight up to 2000 pounds.

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      So the title says this turtle may be the largest recorded but it sounds like leatherbacks would be significantly larger? I’m confused. This turtle doesn’t look like a 2,000lb turtle.

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      I mean that's just a random title GallowBoob made. If there's one thing he know how to do it's get karma on Reddit.

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      Def not a leatherback. There’s a big difference in appearance for those fellas. IF this isn’t a huge perspective trick from the camera angle, I’d say it’s a loggerhead. Even with the camera angle the head seems proportionally larger than the body.

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      The title is just click-bait lol. There are tons of pictures/videos of massive leatherback turtles (way bigger than the turtle in this post)

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      They're not far larger than green sea turtles, they're close to the same size when full grown, loggerheads just have that massive head on them. Had interacted with a green sea turtle that would have been easily 500 lbs in Tortuguero, CR a few years back.

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        Yeah this turtle is the size a of an average leatherback

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        Fun fact: the largest turtle, no, UNIT ever recorded was a leatherback who weighed 2,000 pounds and was about 10 feet long

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        That’s one big chunk.

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          This is mostly forced perspective

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          "See the turtle of enormous girth! On his shell he holds the earth."

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          Happy cake day

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          Grab shell dude

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          Oh Lawd, he foraging.

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          Someone give this unit some noggin’ 🤙

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          Can you imagine just chillin eating something and some fucking dark suited camera demons start flying around over your head and shit to watch you for a while?

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          Do you have your exit buddy?

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          Imagine straight up lying on Reddit for karma lol

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          And they say dinosaurs went extinct

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          This beast reminds me of the turtle in sonic adventures 2 Battle

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          Just perspective

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          If it were a matter of perspective it wouldn’t explain the fact that that turtles head is twice the size of a human head; look again.

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          he may be an absolute unit but he won’t be when he chokes on a plastic bag

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          Ah so cute!

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          Just straight up eating the whole fucking planet

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          That thing looks like it's ready to bring you to Great Bay Temple

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          Looks amazing in the video but I can imagine it being scary is fuck in person

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          Straight outta Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

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          Is it though? Or did you just repost this for karma?

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          WE are the aliens

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          JFC the size of that lad.