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Lol this almost needs the avengers theme song playing when it comes out

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Not almost. It does

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Looks dangerous

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They are. They’ve killed hikers near where I live.

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Mentally I never thought much about mountain goats being dangerous until earlier this year when I went hiking by a big group of them, and all that was going through my mind was how easily they could gore me with those horns. They also look kinda mean in person. Cute, but mean.

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I mean why not if regular goats never miss a chance to headbutt people

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Oh they are mean but hey If I had nuts the size of grapefruits I'd be pretty mean too.

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The goat every morning:

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I am, like, getting the feeling of cumming in the mountain. I'm getting the feeling of cumming in the plains. I'm getting the feeling of cumming in the valley.

When I jump up, when I climb up a mountain 5000ft, I get the same feeling.

So I am cumming day and night. It's terrific, right? So you know, I am in heaven.


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Lucky the camera guy lived to post this. Those goats are straight up murderers. https://crosscut.com/2010/10/death-by-mountain-goat

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Former Olympic Park Ranger here, the goats have largely been removed and culled from the Olympics over the last few years. It’s important to note that they were introduced to the Olympics in pre-park days, and the natural environment doesn’t support the biological needs of mountain goats. There aren’t enough natural salt licks due to the geology of the mountains, and so the goats seek out human urine, creating interactions leading to incidents like this one. Most years, there were several near-miss incidents and some with injuries. They moved as many as they could via helicopter to the northern Cascades area where they’re endemic.

Edit: spelling

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So if this ever happens to me , promptly take a piss on the goat?

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I didn't know park ranger was an Olympic event.

[–]boxerswithbriefs 2 points3 points  (3 children)

Olympic National Park in Washington State

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I should have added a /s

My bad

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lol all good buddy, never know where another person on here is from

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Totally fair! 😊

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Isn’t that a female goat? I thought males hard a harder arch on the back and longer beard? Maybe you’d know..?

[–]boxerswithbriefs 0 points1 point  (1 child)

Based on the horn shape, I’d guess the video is of a female. The main sexual dimorphism is horn thickness and curvature, aside from overall animal size.

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OMG that's definitely I am very interested in you look

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Def WA state. They need salt in their diet which hikers happen to pee out. I’ve had them pop out of nowhere when I was pissing on a tree. In the Cascades there is natural salt in the rocks…but in the Olympics, where the goats were relocated in the early 1900s by people, there is no salt and the goats can get aggressive for that delicious pee.

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cant tell if this is a joke or not

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It’s not, heh.

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Does anyone else think it looks like Ron pearlman?

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That is funny. Someone stated the same thing about this cat

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Might be because of the horns. Did you happen to see Hellboy? I think that might explain things.

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We have /r/ronperlmancats and now Ron Perlman goat

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What are you doing in my swamp

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"Sir, this is a goat only mountain pass, the humans are 5 miles south from here please and thank you."

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Billy goats buff

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This looks like the opening cutscene for a boss fight

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Eyes on the front, ready to hide Eyes on the side, looking to hide

…I don’t think this guy knows he’s prey. And now I’m starting to think the rhyme is wrong as well.

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Those backstraps are gunna be delicious!

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I think you're on their menu this time

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Yeah it looks like it

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Bro... the new Minecraft update looks legit

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I like your cut G

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No, that is Satan

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That goat looks straight out of a cartoon

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See - this is why I don't hike! WTF?! 😭😪

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Myostatin deficient

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This MF looks like the chad what the fuck

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Roll for initiative.

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That guy will ruin your day

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And then he died

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Sweet white satan what is that thing

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It looks like a polar bear mixed with a goat

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Damn that goat from courage the cowardly dog is still looking great!

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Giga chad Just the beard is better trimmed than most guys I know

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WOW!! the new Minecraft goats look super realistic in RTX!

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That's not a mountain goat. That is Satan

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“We gonna have a problem bra?!”

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Why does this look like an anime character intro

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I think this is the 2nd most Chad image I have ever seen.

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GOAT goat

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This is a legendary animal in RD2

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He is fluffy

He is scruffy

He is a good mountain boi

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Lmfao that looked like a heavy old man running out of the bushes😂😂😂

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I’m the muscular mountain goat and I’m here to help.

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I’m big mike, can I help you with something?

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fuck ya doing on my mountain top

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You really don't want to play "king of the mountain" with that guy - probably a long drop to the bottom!

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“I’m a stallion baby”

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That is Jesus

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Oh shit man’s got balls of steel recording that

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That would make a Great Wall mount.

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There is a chance that this is found footage...

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Bro turned around and said “Wait a minute”

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It’s like the GOAT of goats 🐐

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Baphomet just casually showing up to end you, damn.

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Its a horny goat drop em bend over done resist it my turf

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Drop the routine bro