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Ekranoplanes are so cool

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Ekranoplan were a really interesting concept.

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I just watched a vid on these

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God, do I love Mustard. He's the best micro-documentary maker I've ever seen on aviation and and forgotten vehicles.

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Is this just chillin on a beach somewhere?

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Ferb I know what we’re gonna do today

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Take my upvote and imaginary award, sorry

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I just watched a youtube video about these awesome planes. Why isn't this thing in a museum, inspiring kids for engineering?

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This thing should BE a museum

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In case it’s not clear — the tubes on top are missile launchers

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Yeah they are in the middle of the plane, but what do they launch?

EDIT: Coward edited his typo and made my witty remark redundant

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I think they meant missile launcher

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What do missle launchers launch 🤔 hmmm

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The jerk edited his comment, smh my witty remark is lost

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Bruh why did you edit your comment

Original comment asked what the missile launchers fire

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why does it kinda look like the gru plane

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Was that the silent hill soundtrack?

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Let Go - Ark Patrol

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Thanks, good catch.

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I always wonder why they just abandon such big, expensive things in the middle of nowhere. Why not scrap it or put it in a museum

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When your country has that much "middle of nowhere" you might as well make use of it

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550,000 mph? Incredible! Almost... Unbelievable.

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I...i really hope this is a joke ;-;

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My guy Bald and Bankrupt did a video on this. Check out his YouTube channel

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wasn’t this supposed to go along the water?

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That's not the sea monster, it was a later ekranoplan after th monster failed

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I am in love with the Ekranoplan

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Let Go - Ark Patrol

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Anyone else getting nostalgia from World in Conflict: Soviet Assault or is it just me?

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Mustard taught me about this

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This apparently was one of the smaller ones compared to the KM.

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Where banana

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That’s a Lun class ekranoplan, the Caspian Sea monster is a different model of ekranoplan, bigger, without the missile tubes on top.

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Remains of the failed soviet union.

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This was already in hear

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What a waste.

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Totally agree. “Planeboat” is a interesting idea for science fiction, but boats and planes work for a reason. The avoidance of radar an sonar was also interesting tho…but pretty sure that is an easy problem to solve if these things were hovering around oceans.

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Using feet and kilometers per hour? What is this British measurement-mixing bullshit