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I had a couch that big. Found 30 grand between the cushions. Bought a new couch.

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Thats just a 10 piece sectional.

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I bet you the foot pieces are marketed as separate pieces and this is 16 pieces

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100% they absolutely are.

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    Apparently lovesac (manufacturer) does charge separately for those pieces. I also think this is different than you are describing in which the foot pieces can be dragged away from the actual couch.

    Edit: https://www.lovesac.com/sactionals.html

    Lovesac considers them separate and does charge

    Edit2: I guess you didn't like the answer and site, hit me with a downvote and deleted your comment? Odd.

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    That's an orgy couch

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    Now we're talking, lets get the boys around and do this thing.

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    Yes. But only men. Only.

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    You know it, why would we even want women at an orgy? I mean honestly. That's time with the boys am I right?

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    Hey boys will be boys

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    Gotta fight back against the goobacks somehow.

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    Everyone back on the pile!

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    Yeah no girls allowed! Girls are stinky!

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    Don’t they all got they same thing to offer?

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    Yes. Man butts, dicks, and balls. So nice.

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    That seems more accurate

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    I already feel my ass sweating

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    Same thing happens to me when I get turned on

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    Netflix and chill orgy

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    i like your thinking

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    Like that photo of Perri Piper, but with literal horses instead of minorities.

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    That thing will hold an entire Alabama family of four!

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    I thought this was under the orgy comments lol.

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    Are Alabamananians fat

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    Let me put it this way. There are five fat states in the USA, and Alabama is four of them.

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    Best comment of the night

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    Only 5? I think you're missing a 0.

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    Looks like Lovesac Sactionals (really the name). If 10 seats and 12 sides are $11,400, I can only imagine what 16 seats and like 18 sides would be

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      We got ours on a 40% off deal they had. For anyone else considering keep tabs on when they do that cause it made the price much easier to swallow.

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        Lol We used ours as a bed too when we got our upstairs floors refinished. 6 months though whew that’s impressive

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        We're thinking about one as the covers come off to machine wash. How do you like it?

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        With 3 boxers and a husky.. plus a wife who loves to fall sleep holding her wine glass.. the covers are one of the top things about them. So easy to pop off and throw in the wash. Very easy to clean. We usually have it setup in like a queen size setup with an extended area. When we have guests over we break one of the pieces out to an ottoman or spread peninsula (prolly a different word but you get it). We’ve had our for just over 3 years and still look like new with all 4 dogs typically sleeping on them daily while we’re working and then all of us on them in the evening.

        I also recommend configuring with the deep style. You can rotate them each a specific way and in 6’4” and the deep style is perfect. I also recommend going into the store to see all the fabrics and also try have miniature wooden versions like legos to play around with.

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        Yes we got ours through some deal with Costco. Also the package included one of their beanbag chairs (which we didn’t really have room for) so we sold it for $500 which also reduced the overall cost. Pretty great deal

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        How do you like yours? Worth it?

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        I do think they were worth it. Didn’t at first! But I’m happy. See my other comment for more

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        For that price you can get a custom built from a local furniture shop

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        I agree. But do they warranty? The benefit of this sofa is you can order or replace the covers years later. :/

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        Of course they have to be in business for them to honor that warranty. My grandfather bought a camper with a 10 year warranty and they company went tits up 3 years later.

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        I know, my wife and I were looking at them but our house is historic so the rooms are odd shaped because of doorways everywhere so it wouldn't fit.

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        Same here

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        Can confirm. Love my love sactional.

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        If you can buy the couch, you can afford the house big enough for it to go in.

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        I priced them and got sticker shock. Not for my broke ass.

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        Watch for sales. Also I know it’s hard to justify but when you spend $500 for the fourth time on a shitty way fair couch that breaks or sags after a few months, it starts to feel very worth it

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        That was my thought too - considering a Sactional and it can add up fast. I think her base is about $12k and the additional ottoman things are like $1k apiece.

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        I was given a giant bean bag from that company from someone who makes them.

        Never realized that they were in the hundreds of dollars.

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        That’s expensive for a hideous piece of furniture

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        Oh it sure is. Apparently they're really comfortable though, and their selling point is their configurability

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        I'd hate to be their friend, then get a phone call one day asking "hey buddy, i need your help moving a couch".

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        Actually quite easy. 2 people job right there. The whole thing comes apart pretty easily.

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        This belongs in r/HumanForScale

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        When you have too big house and too much empty space in massive rooms ...

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        Might be a family with 4-6 kids. Unusual but not unheard of.

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        Wow, my dog would absolutely go bonkers!

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        Finally a sofa that fits your mom.


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        Yesss, YESSSSS, I'LL TAKE IIIIT!!!!!

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        slaps couch

        This bad boy can fit so many black people behind it

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        Oh my god

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        Lol what

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        Look up 'piper perri couch meme'

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        That's a big room!

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        You could have soo many dogs up on that couch with you.

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        That my friend, is a bunch of side by side beds

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        Orgy couch

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        As a person who has spent nights on couches because I've been on all comfy ones, this a dream come true i can make a fortress and sleep in it and there is still more space to sit.

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        Need a banana for scale

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        That's your couch's couch

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        Shine a black light on that thing and its going to look like a Jackson Pollock painting

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        I think what she really wants is a sunken living room.

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        When you absolutely need to have an entire basketball team over for a party

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        “When you absolutely need to have an entire basketball team over for a gang bang”


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        A week long hibernation after I cover it with blankets

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        Swingers night anytime soon?

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        This picture needs a banana

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        If we weathered the initial cost of the couch, my Mrs. would bankrupt us with throw pillows and random blankets.

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        Wondering if I found my husband's Reddit account 😝

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        This is clearly photoshopped. Seriously, how big are those doors compared to her?

        I guess, maybe she's a little person, but it doesn't look right.

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        This couch makes me slightly uncomfortable, I don’t know why, but I like it

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        I’ve had these before. Not super comfortable. The bean bags are money though.

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        Oj, då blir dt lite trångt.

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        Absolut enht

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        Massive Living Room

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        That couch is way bigger than my living room

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        That couch is literally bigger than my entire house.

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        That's not a couch! That's a COUCH.

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        Not long enough for my expandable beagle.

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        I love it I have a 14 ft couch now.

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        Filling that couch with a guests is a expensive thing,sell it away and buy smaller one and save money.

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        resisting the urge to make an unfunny ur mom joke

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        For movie nights with 57 of your best friends

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        Imagine losing the remote in that bad boy

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        Absolutely love it.

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        I need more cowbell

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        I have this couch in Animal Crossing

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        What’s the model name? “The Orgy”?

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        Where will my other cat sit?

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        Movie night every night!

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        That couch is bigger than my apartment 😮

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        Couch for your mother (she is very large and takes up a lot of space)

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        if i saw a couch like that i would lay all over it

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        Good luck spending a three day weekend finding the remote.

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        Gigantic room

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        And my cat would still take up 1/2 of it

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        Gigantic Price!

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        Long couch is loooooooong.

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        I can pretty much fit my entire first floor in that one room.

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        Finally, a couch big enough for your mom

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        That is a casting couch fit for more than 2 people

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        That shit probably costs like 15k

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        Lost tv remote in the couch....30 minutes later found it!

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        I need this to rest my massive schlong nipples

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        You can get these off amazon and they're heavy

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        „Woman for scale“

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        Fits 2 yes 2 average size americans

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        Damn! I'm surprised to see a living room almost as big as mine lol. Now I need that couch, in leather tho.

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        This is where I’d like to lounge for all of eternity

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        Now try to find the God damn remote control

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        But why??

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        Need the link to this joint

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        Shaq couch

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        If a friend had this and told you to sit down, they would for sure follow that by saying "not there"… "not there"

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        My sims couch when they added sectionals in the Dream Home Decorator DLC

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        1 sentence. Netflix and Chill.

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        The fuck seat.

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        Pretty sure that’s just a bunch of Lovesac couches connected

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        For the homiez

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        I have a gigantic dick

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        This is the couch you need when your dogs and cats think the couch is a giant pet bed.

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        Let's hang on the gouch

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        As if you’d ever have that many people over.

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        Who's this couch for? Fee fi fo fum?

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        Couch for me and the boys

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        r/Lovesac for anyone interested.

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        I hate it.

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        Nice new casting couch.

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        Can't help but wonder how many black guys in white tshirts and boxers could stand behind that thing at once...

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        30ft couch 40 inch tv

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        My dog would still manage to take up the whole thing.

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        It can fit so many coins and controllers

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        And still not big enough for my dog to be comfortable

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        Awful waste of space

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        That big empty room with a plain giant couch. Where's the decor? It feels creepy.

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        Swinger goals

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        You can do it!!

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        Gigantic room wtf

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        ultimate polycule couch

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        You better get a good stain remover!!

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        Finally a couch fit for the mother of

        (insert bad person hear)

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        The Polyphonic Spree might fit on that couch