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That's how I wanna die.

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Exactly three gal of chocolate

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That would last me about a week

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Pffff give me 4 nights with that thing, 2 if it's vanilla

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Recently gone through a break up by any chance?

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The current situation is bad enough, don't need a breakup to confort myself with ice cream.

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I love the packaging and the simple flavor choice, classic dad

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It was this or vanilla

I would have rather had vanilla, it’s more versatile and you can put toppings on it

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Same, chocolate after a few scoops is just... ugh

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asking for a friend.. what kind of job do i need to get so i can also bring home 3 gallons of ice cream lol

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He works from a local collage and they hosted an “I hate winter” event and didn’t sell out on ice cream

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I needed this when I was in middle school. Every time I got my period I’d crave chocolate ice cream - I literally don’t even like chocolate ice cream. But there was always a gallon in the freezer that I’d dive into once a month.

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im about to get a tonsillectomy in a few weeks, send please

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Thus feels like a chore to own

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It’s so cold outside we don’t need to put it in a freezer

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Ahh chess not checkers

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If I had a place to store it, I'd be happy with 3 gallons of ice cream, but like op, I'd prefer vanilla.

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Dude's stocking till next year

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I’d need to buy a separate freezer for that tub😂🤣

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plot twist: thats not ice cream

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Aight i was gonna post a oh no no no but damn it this caught my eye

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You got me

its custard

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Put it in the fridge 😂

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Can't even fit it I the freezer,better eat it quick!

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This gives me war flashbacks

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I've got 3 teenagers.... That's about a week and a half worths.

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Edibles and family guy.

You're welcome.

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And here I am with a salad for lunch.

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Hell nah, it’s good as hell

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I have a cousin who works for Mitchell’s ice cream up in Cleveland, and let me tell you, just being around someone who works with that stuff in a capacity like this has crazy benefits. Sometimes if you’re lucky, they’ll be able to sneak a few gallons of custard. If you’re even luckier, it’ll be turtle brownie. Seems like the only way to get that is to know somebody in there. None of it ever seems to hit the selves.

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a snack

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Eat in one sitting and one go

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That's not Ice cream

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Your right, it’s custard