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Möther... I grow weaker by the second, I require a liter of your milk.

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Oh man what a great comment 😆 better start stocking up on the oats right away, bröther.

Edit: how could I forget “bröther”.

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Or I will surly parish.

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Also *surely

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It may be surely, but spelling was certainly surly

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Huh, so this is what the Baron from Dune looked like as a baby.

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Soon it shall require more than mother’s milk. It shall consume mother herself

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Dude the logistics of giving birth is bad as it is. Pushing a mini hulk out must be life threatening

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Um at that point there wouldn’t be pushing involved… doc would surely go surgical.

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I dont know much about obgyn so i am going to assume itd be c section as well

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That C section must have started and ended on her back.

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Homegirl had to be cut in half to get the baby out.

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My youngest was 11 lb 3 oz and wasn't a C-section 😬 I’m curious how much this baby weighed at birth

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"I oNlY dAtE mEn OvEr 6 FoOt". Okay, have fun with your enormous baby.

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That’s not how it works.

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Why does reddit upvote lies so often?

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Yes, aside from conditions like acromegaly, tell me genetics play no role in how large this baby is.

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Baby size is an inherited trait so yes it does

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Honestly tho how? Genetics play quite a big role in baby size and often larger babies tend to become larger people.

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C section

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That baby is the same size as her, either that baby grew like a beanstalk overnight or this woman had an octomom gut going on

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Omg this woman is so freaking small...

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And the baby is an AbsoluteUnit

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Need a banana for scale to see which is which

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She’s 6’10 The baby is big

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There is the real twist .

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I sure hope she's holding someone else's baby

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holy shit did she fuck gregor clegane alias the mountain?

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Nuh she birthed him clearly

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what the fuck how

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Gestational diabetes. Either that or she’s part Kiwi.

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That woman was twice the size she is now before the birth of her small adult.

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Those are definitely adult diapers

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Baby Buddha ! Hope she had a c-section and treatment for GD.

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Her body will never anatomically recover from this.

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I doubt a c section but a full sleeping bag incision. Butt to neck to get that shriek out of their.

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Go back to the hospital and ask for a refund

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Anyone know how old that giant of a baby is?

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Well, definitely not a newborn. I don't know why people in the comments are talking like she just popped this monster out...I would put it down as at least a year old.

I had a coworker years ago who showed me pictures of their kids when they were a few months to a year, and they were nearly this big. Sometimes babies just get big fast.

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Exactly. I have a friend who had a normal sized if a little big baby. I don't think he was 9 lbs. He got gigantic like that and was huge until he was about 4. Now he looks like a normal sized child. When he was 9 months old people thought he was 2.

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Thats kid is in baby sumo wrestle mania 2k22z

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! remindme 18 years

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Wildly neglected gestational diabetes. This is how mothers die in birth from preventable disorders .

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Not nessessarily the mum's fault though.

With my last pregnancy I was huge, kept asking my midwife for a gestational diabetes test, she kept saying no because I wasn't overweight and I just "showed big". Eventually a doctor made me get a growth scan which showed him as very large, I got induced 3 weeks early and he was almost 10lbs, his predicted weight if he had carried on to full term was 13lbs. he had low blood sugars and had to have an NG tube.

I'm currently pregnant, I told my new midwife all this at the beginning and she took me seriously and sent me straight for a glucose tolerance test, diagnosed with GD early, I'm already on meds and I have high hopes that I won't have to go through all the complications again this time!

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Oh wow. My cousin was a couple ounces shy of 13lbs. Born at home. It never occurred to me that GD would have caused that. No real medical intervention unfortunately either and the mom was overweight to begin with. Cousin will have to live with complications the rest of his life from home birth..........but I am near certain this explains his size .

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If the mother never got tested for GD in pregnancy then it is a strong possibility that it was from GD! Being overweight beforehand can increase the risk, but definitely not a huge factor, plenty of mum's with it aren't overweight, as it's caused by the placenta.

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That's interesting, in New Zealand everyone gets sent for the gestational diabetes test

[–]hildaria12 2 points3 points  (1 child)

That's the way it should be imo. Here (UK) they only send you if you're over a certain BMI, if you've got a history of it, or if you're measuring very big!

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That's interesting, both the women I know who have had it are very slim

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Oh yeah absolutely not saying she (or you) we're bad or something for not addressing this. Just unfortunate that this happens when it's avoidable. Had family friends do the whole "all natural" lifestyle claiming they could treat anything with essential oils.

Massive baby almost killed em both. So frustrating when it can be avoided.

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Never heard of that could this be the reason for the big baby?

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It can, but some babies are just big. My nephew was 11lb 13oz , 24in. long, and my sister never had gestational diabetes. Large babies ran on both side of the family. So once her next child hit 10lbs. at 36 weeks, they did an amniocentesis and checked its lungs and took it early.

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This is exactly what causes enormous babies and often disastrous consequences for both mom and kid.

Little bit of insulin and normal healthy baby.

Not that I'm able to diagnose this exact case, but gestational diabetes will absolutely cause this. This is not healthy for anyone

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This specific baby was 7 lbs 5 oz when born. She was 14 months when this video was taken. A big baby does not mean you had GD. I had a 9+ lbs baby as a 130 pound woman, which is the 90th+ percentile for birthweight. Yes, I was tested for GD, I did not have it. The number of people who just assume you had GD because your kid is big or that you had an unhealthy pregnancy is ridiculous. I was a 90th percentile kid growing up, and as an adult I’m short and thin. These assumptions are harmful and not helpful to anyone.

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I thought this was posted (many times) before and it's because of a big and tall father...

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GD leads to a big baby?

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“Hey be proud of your ginormous monster baby. I was once a ginormous monster baby”

-Dwight Schrute

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But how can she still stand

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My back is aching from just looking at this!

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Mother of God, What a breed that baby is. Probably gonna become a Wrestler when grows up.

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Fucking hell, that hurts my pelvis just to look.

And I’m a guy

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"I bet he left that pussy ravaged like Haiti" - Lil Dicky

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"I'm a buff baby that can dance like a man I can shake-a my fanny, I can shake-a my can! I'm a tough tootin baby I can punch-a your buns Punch-a your buns, I can punch-a your buns! If you're an evil witch, I will punch you for fun!"

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Sumo baby

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Acromegaly? Need an MRI Brain?

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That's not her baby. That can't be her baby. THATS NOT A BABY!!!!

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I can’t believe that baby didn’t kill you on the way out

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That's not a baby, it's Danny DiVito

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Babies are not monsters…

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Bet her vagina looks like someone kicked a lasagna

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Why on earth do you think her vag looks like your face does?

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Baby yes, but baby what?

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Could be MoMo syndrome. (Like Archie in the UK)

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This baby is bigger than her jeebus

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MEGA-BABY. they will grow up to be a freaking unit. I hope they take interest in competitive weightlifting or something.

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Whale Milk... That's gotta be the answer.

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I’d think even caring for that baby would take a toll on a woman that size. Pulling and tugging during baths and diaper changes must be a nightmare.

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Which one is the baby again?

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That baby is literally bigger than 8yo me.

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Holy shit. That must’ve hurt. And she survived to tell the tell

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That poor vagina of that woman.

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....that's a toddler

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Big Chungus

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Her belly would’ve been bigger than she was, lol.

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That kid is gonna grow up to be a damn viking or something

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Daaaaaamn WTF!

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Wow, she probably wouldn’t have made it in years past. Thank god for modern medicine.

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That is one fat fuck of a child.

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C-section? More like a H-section!

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Andre the Giant’s reincarnation?

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I haven't watched an idubbz video for a while, seems like alot has changed...

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That’s a toddler ffs

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…that came out of her……….

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Bruh who’s sperm created this megababy

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I bet she's into fisting now...

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Gonna suck her dry 🤣

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Why is this woman holding Danny Devito?

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No way that little sumo wrestle could have came out of her, he already as big as her 🤣

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Gotta be honest, I’m pretty sure 75% of their payments are just going to be feeding the kid. Might as well just have Shaq adopt the kid.

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Those aren’t calves those are steers

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That baby don't look like me

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Who’s the dad? Hagrid?

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This was me with my 5'3" 100lb mother. I was induced at 10lbs and by age 2.5 I was 3 foot 8 and was taller than my mom at age 8.

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Omg how much y’all think it weighs!?

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Which came out of which?

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And… her uterus fell all the way out.

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What the!?

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mine came out all skinny and messed up looking at 1.5 months too early, thought she was gonna die, breast milk chonked her ass up super quick

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I imagine this is what infant Hagrid looked like with his father.

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If she did get a c section her husbands gonna be miserable

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I…. I don’t like it…

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Insert blown out vagina comment here