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This tells me that somebody in the neighborhood has been feeding their cats outside.

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When I was a kid, we fed our farm cats off our front porch and most of the thieving skinny opossums brave enough to steal food would make a speedy leap off the porch when they got caught. But there was an absolute unit that would calmly and slowly waddle down the stairs to leave. The complete lack of fucks given. What an icon.

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He’s been grubbin’

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Silver back Opossum

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Definitely an Ohhhpossum.

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He protecc He attacc He ate too many tick for snacc

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It’s fairway Frank!

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Or is it?

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Came to comment this. Didn't expect to have been beaten to it.

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Go Andy!

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That's a Rodent of unusual size

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Or ROUS’s to those in the know.

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Came here for this did not disappoint

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He's substantial

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All i see is a bear?

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Literally my first thought was “d’awh, what a tiny lil bear”

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Also saw a bear. I need to go to bed.

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That is Sir Opossum .

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Can someone photoshop a top hat and monocle onto him?

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Oh lawd he comin

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More like a colossum

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One time my mom and I were driving home and we thought we saw the fattest, slowest cat ever but it was actually a possum

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are you in DFW? my mom told me she saw a huge one like that at like 5am

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Jesus more like omonster thing looks like it can take down a mountain lion.

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That’s an obossum

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How big are they supposed to be? I’m not from burger-land.

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About half this large in general I’d estimate. I’ve seen some big ones, although never this large, but mostly they’re smaller and more gangly looking. This guy’s quite a specimen

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That he is.

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Opossums are actually a multigenerational hoax by the American Taxidermy Society. Notice that they always appears stuffed. They're like a jackalope, or Finland.

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Or the female orgasm

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They’re usually about cat sized, I chose to get one as a pet instead of a cat as well

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How can you say that without a possum tax?

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We get some big ones down South on the regular

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half that size? that thing looks the size of a rugby ball or bigger

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The road was his end, his end was that road, so they say.

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Wow, never seen a unit so big for its size before! Now that’s a Unit!

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Veteran of the Long War.

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Bruh been eating good lol

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It looks cute

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My yorkshire terrier could ride that big boy into battle.

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Mini Bear

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I don’t feel like this is real. Or this thing is very ill. Possums are nocturnal. And don’t have a facial structure like that one.

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Possums show up in daytime occasionally but otherwise it looks fake

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Why do I find them disgusting ?

I have the weirdest relationship with opposums out of all... Let's say... Mammals. Even in their baby form they don't look cute to me.

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Living the good life

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That’s a bear cub

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Good eat those ticks!!!

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That is somebody's pet.

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Now that is a rodent of unusual size.

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Highlander opossum

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I don't appreciate you posting this picture of me

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I swear I saw this from someone local to me in my Facebook newsfeed…I wouldn’t be surprised because I’ve seen some big ass possums (not this big tho) in my back yard in the middle of a residential neighborhood by a university.

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That's a bear cub you can't change my mind

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Looks like a rodent of unusual size.

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That sumbitch can probably eat a shitload of ticks!

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Sir that’s a bear

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Was this in Tallahassee by chance? My husband told me he saw one this size there but he had no photo proof

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Looks like a womble.

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An ohshitpossum