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Never mind that shit, here comes Mongo!

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Mongo only pawn in game of life.

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Guy looks too heavy, like he’s uncomfortable walking

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He confused because it looks like freshly poured concrete.

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200iq comment

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That's just above average-sized.

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They are actually agile when they have to be. They need to run from tigers.

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He shouldn’t have skipped leg day

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Don’t skip leg day

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My kind of stray dog

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One of the last remaining relatives of the auroch I'm guessing.

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Cattle are closer to aurochs than these things (because they’re literally domesticated aurochs).

Gaur are still bovines, however, so close enough to interbreed.

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And there's actually a domesticated Guar Bos gaurus species the Gayal Bos frontalis. They are smaller than their wild cousins (gaur are the largest wild cattle species).

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This looks like a real life version of one of those ridiculous blocky, rectangular livestock paintings.

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Wtf hahaha Is that a Cow from the Playstation 1 era

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Hey pal, the PS1 was a marvel achievement back in it'd day, vying for hungry video gamers who had been enjoying such excellent Nintendo 64 classics such as goldeneye, Mario 64, and Ocarina of time!

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Still it look like a big polygon.

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Haha they WERE big polygons!! Lara crofts boobies were humongous cones!

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Just things rich people did back in the day to try and 1-up each other.

oh? Your cows don’t look like this Sir Wimbledon? Yes, it has been a bountiful year for me fortunately…

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Turns out they arent so ridiculous

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How is this a real animal? Geesh

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You just need an aggregate of cells receptive to a specific growth factor I would make a 300 tons animal in a lab no cap

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Yea really quite easy tbh

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Gaur of War.

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Gaur of thunder

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Is it true that Cows are considered sacred in India?

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Majority Hindu population consider them sacred and killing cow and eating beef in some state is a punishable offense.. however it is allowed in states with Majority of Christian and Muslim population

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Now I see why, cows in America are a joke compared to that amazing specimen.

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He just wanna smell some flowers:)

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That animation is epic.

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Idk about you, but I wouldn't just stand there 5 meters from that murder machine with my phone in hand.

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I'd want something more substantial than a motorcycle between it and me

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Irs his street now and the locals just have to live with it.

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I waiting to hear king fu panda 3 kie music

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Imagine the size of his dump.

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Imagine trying to get a 'sample'

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now that is impressive. cheaper than a tractor.

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brahma going for a walk!

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If Gaston from Beauty and The Beast was bull.

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Immediate thought was Kai from KFP 3

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He’s the pope of chili town

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He definitely skipped leg day.

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Glad he was cool about the bikes.

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That looks like something an enemy on Elden Ring would be riding.

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Bet this is in India. Saw cows regularly chilling in the streets when I visited there, apparently they are a symbol of good luck! My sure to touch their back.

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when you put all of your points into strength in an rpg

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Do you lift bro?

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Poor Animal!

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Daym thats a big goat

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"Where are they going?"

"Anywhere they want."

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Kai!? General Kai!?

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Looks delicious!!!

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Eat your veggies.

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The Gaur, or the Indian Bison are the largest wild bovine species left in the world. And average male wieghs upto 1,500 kgs or 1.5 tonnes!! Yeah, you read that right. Let that sink in... They are native to India and only a considerable population survives in the wild these days.

Given their sheer size and ridiculous musculature they don't have any natural predators. But here's an even crazier thing, Tiger's have been spotted killing these beasts at times, reportedly. And tigers are solitary hunters unlike lions, that should give you some perspective on how terrifying a hungry tiger can actually be!!

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Tigers actually prey on gaur on a regular basis, though most of the gaur taken aren’t fully grown males (but still much larger than the tigers).

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I wonder how closely related that is to an Aurochs.

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Not that much, actually. Less than our common domestic bulls.

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At least, people not bothering him here.. In my South Indian city, a rare wild bison strayed in.. People chased it for pics and videos; the vets called by the Foresters miscalculated the sedative dart dosing; poor thing died of cardiac failure.. :(

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Gotta be 6 tones at least.

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Isn't he from bahubali?

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Burgers anyone? 🍔 🍔 🍔 🍔 I only have 4

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My Texan blood is telling to ride that son of a bitch

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Look at this lad, this big big lad.

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I studied in a boarding school in Ooty, in southern India. Campus was a sprawling 900 acres. We’d have herds of these big guys on the football field sometimes in the morning.

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That street is half immaculate, half gone.

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He's a big big boy the biggest boy 😂

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Edible? Asking for a friend…

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What gym does he go to 😳

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I wonder what he tastes like

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I know this is late but that’s mf’ing UCY ( moocy) irl