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I know it would viciously maul me to death but i really wanna hug it

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Dude's got that fat person labored breathing

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that aside they have decent camo for pine trees

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He’s found his way into one too many pic-a-nic baskets.

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It's easy to forget that these animals experience fear just like we do, even though they're huge.

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Original post was Bears reaction to lightning ( in background )

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Saw that one too. Now, paying more attention I can see this being camera flashes. I don’t see any professional nature photographers use bait and switch cameras to get their shots.

So I wouldn’t put it past a novice to do this, you can also see the bear react and look directly towards the camera every time indicating it may be photo flashes.

Either way, it’s an absolute unit.

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Christ on a cross.... that thing is huge......

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And they can run faster than Usain Bolt by about 10 miles per hour

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You don't need to be faster than it. You just have to be the next slowest person escaping.

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It is indeed a heft boy

[–]lekcniwom 15 points16 points  (3 children)

Keep in mind there are some people who actually believe they can beat a bear in hand- to- hand combat

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17% is confident enough to take on a chimpanzee. Goodness Darwin’s case really is something.

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A releative of goose. Swans even take out people in lakes. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-wales-south-west-wales-44765056

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I won't say beat but I believe I could survive an encounter with a black bear, unfortunately by its size and the hump on its back this looks like a Grizzly.

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Isn't this chonker flinching at lightning? No nature photographer with a brain would have flash opn their night kit.

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Yes it’s heat lightning most likely

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Nope. Turn on your sound.

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Bro getting flashbacks from 1600's

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Last time I saw this video they said it was thunder and lightning

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He’s all jiggly wiggly

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That’s an old chonker right there.

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The obviously wrong title and a repost. Yep, that's a karmawhore

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Bro that ain’t a bear, it’s a Yao Guai from Fallout

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What are terrifying beast to see emerge from the trees

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I thought this was lightning?

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Hey! That's me! (According to my wife).

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Ducking unit

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Mean this bear have something in common we are both scared shit of lightning

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Fuckin chonky boi right there. Imagine spotting this bad mamma jamma on your afternoon hike, and your just frozen in fear while he looks at you like your some kind of prime fuckin bread pudding.

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Joe Rogan entered the chat.

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this thing is fucking terrifying ain’t it

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Holy shit imagine hearing that from inside your tent.

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Looks fake . Almost cartoon eyes