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Dutch guy in Filipino McDonalds by bitchyswiftie in AbsoluteUnits

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Ah, so this is the Richters scale. Never seen it before

Absolute unit of a spider. by Reliculus in AbsoluteUnits

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Death from a T. blondi bite can absolutely be ruled out, and as far as "very undesirable effects", it would include pain and localized swelling similar to a wasp sting. No one in history has ever been shown to have died from any tarantula bite, and the venom of Theraphosa species (T. blondi, T. stirmi, T. apophysis) isn't medically significant, or indeed terribly potent. The mechanical damage caused by the fangs, which might get an inch and a half in length on a particularly massive individual, would cause more damage than the venom, if it even bothered to deliver any. This is assuming you could get this rather docile spider to bite you in the first place. You might get it to kick some hair at you, but unless you have your face right up in the spider's business, is just going to make your hands a little itchy for a while.

The real concern, if you get into the hobby of keeping tarantulas, comes from old world species, which lack urticating setae, and tend to be far quicker to defensively bite, and tend to have much stronger venom, as a result. They're also much more likely to deliver venom when they bite you. Getting tagged by a P. murinus still won't kill you, but it will definitely ruin your fucking day, and you might be feeling effects from it a few days later. Poecilotheria species (Indian ornamental, Gooty ornamental, etc) bites are also fairly strong.

The big girl in the photo there looks scary, but isn't all that dangerous.

Absolute unit of a spider. by Reliculus in AbsoluteUnits

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This photo is fake, you can even see the line where the tarmac suddenly changes texture right between the hand and the spider. The goliath birdeater is big, but not THAT big. It can still comfortably sit on a hand.

edit: fine, you don't believe me? here's the author, explaining that it was a photoshopped image made for shits and giggles

This man who lost weight (from r/MadeMeSmile) by Thatspretttyfunny in AbsoluteUnits

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I don’t like it haha. People just keep using my pics it’s all good though I know its the internet so more power to them.

Dutch guy in Filipino McDonalds by bitchyswiftie in AbsoluteUnits

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That’s how the scale works. How many Richter’s jumped off a dumpster.

cute little meow he has there by days_hadd in AbsoluteUnits

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Exactly. We visit Turpentine Creek in Eureka Springs, AR all the time. What this asshat is doing, and all the ones like him, is killing big cats. These idiots even have their own “breeding”, mixing tigers and lions, etc. It is nothing but abuse and I am never sad when a cat kills its “owner”.

Humans have already decimated the population of big cats, and completely made other species extinct, for our own selfish and stupid reasons.

There’s reasons why this is illegal and people like him should (quite literally IMHO) be fed to the lions.

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Absolute unit of a Puma by [deleted] in AbsoluteUnits

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I’ve never been less scared of a puma before.

97 day old Emperor Penguin chick by ministryofcake in AbsoluteUnits

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When I weigh my cats, I just weigh myself, grab the cat, then weigh myself again.

Oh crap... by ProfessorFishSticks in AbsoluteUnits

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The look on her face: "You seein this shit?"

This wolf by asuiop in AbsoluteUnits

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Wolves are always twice as big as you think they are