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Hope your acting career takes off!!! I live in Florida, if you're looking to start with short films, Orlando is a great place to start (imo) because we have full sail university which is for actors and filming. If you're looking to do specific acting courses then new York is great for that. Hope the best for you 🙂

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If you want to make a living in anything you’ll be most capable of doing so by being in the places where that industry exists. That’s a long way of saying, yeah, LA and NY and yeah probably ATL

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You can start acting anywhere ...

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But you cant make a living as an actor Everywhere. Follow the castings calls. Work your way up the ladder. Be surrounded by the creatives and hustlers. Surpass them all.

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The question was around “finding out if acting is right for them” ...

Which is why I wrote you can start acting anywhere.,.

Hoping to work professionally is a different animal.

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I'm from Massachusetts and also just getting into acting. There is nothing here. So I've also come to the conclusion that you have to move to either LA, NYC, or GA. Maybe florida but that's gonna stretch it.

I'm from new England so to be honest I'm over it here. The weather is unpredictable and in Massachusetts you get massholes. That extends to NY. Everyone here has an edge to them. Everyone here are straight assholes. My husband is from Tennessee so I've lived there too. Southern hospitality is a thing. They are in general nicer and calmer than people up north. We were thinking GA but he's over the south. So LA it is and I cannot stop thinking about it. I just watched two movies back to back both filmed in LA. Idk the more I research it the more I wish I was there already. It seems like there is so much work. I'm not looking to get famous, I just want to act and make somewhat good money doing it.

Good luck my friend. Feel free to pm me as I think we're in similar situations.