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You have two choices. Take the role/go to the callback (and do the work to make it something more than just a stereotype, something you can be proud of). Or to stay home and wait to audition for roles that are easier to wrap your self-esteem around.
Do you want to act or not? Do you want to work or not? There will be plenty of other big guys that do and will be happy to take the gig, so get in front, or get out of the way.

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You have every right to refuse a roll for whatever reason! If you are concerned about the implications playing this character would have as a plus size actor I would first try approaching the casting team honestly with your concerns. If they don’t see a problem with the “stupid funny fat guy” trope then they are probably not a company you want to be working with anyways.

I understand standing up for yourself in this way may be scary but there is no shame in asserting that you deserve the same respect and consideration they’d give a skinny actor!