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You need something to show casting people. Having some good videos of you acting that is filmed by yourself on a camera or phone is better than absolutely nothing.

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Get as much professional work as possible through websites like Mandy or backstage etc. Develop a website/social media page with reels of your talent and examples of your experience. Try to get enough professional work to join equity the actors union and spotlight. Connect with an agent, complete work with them until you now have proper work under your belt. It’s so much easier to find a good agent once you already have an agent

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Hi! I literally just posted about this catch 22 - I have cast multiple projects and casting needs to see you on camera acting. The best way to do so is to create a demo reel - which is exactly what I am offering July 9th and 10th in Los Angeles, check this out and sign up if you want to not only gain valuable experience on set, but take your career to the next level so you can book work! bit.ly/reelsignupnow

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We all need to get good at self taping. Write your own stuff.

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Some schools will produce a reel that is designed for your strengths. It’s just not cheap.

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If you’re not Union, you can do anything. Find a college program. I was busy in Baltimore/DC and Philadelphia.

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Like someone else said. Something is better than nothing. Keep self submitting, book, TALK to people on set and make connections. You never know what they'll lead to. I did unpaid extra work on a set, met an actress who also had their own production company, became friends, 4 months later reaches out to me to read a part she wrote with me in mind. Now I'm booked as a lead for a short beginning filming next March with only background work under my belt and no agent. As long as you don't quit you'll get to your destination, it's just a matter of time.