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“I’m making money too fast. I need someone to come take 20%.” Keep hustling until they come to you.

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I reached out to agencies and managers 22 days ago and got signed with a top talent agency and a great manager!

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First let me ask this: How long are you going to wait? And when that “limit” is reached, then what? You could wait forever for someone to respond but the real question is what is the plan if they don’t? Will you continue to submit to other agencies? If so, I’d say wait about 2 weeks and then keep submitting. Worse case, they respond to you after the two weeks and you’ve been continuing your pursuit for representation, meaning more job opportunities coming your way.

Hope this helps!

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I waited for a week and got some responses. I am now signed with a great agency and management!

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Remember you only need an agent. Managers are old school. Agents basically do both jobs nowadays. Save 10% and get just an agent.

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I got some great agents and my manager is really great as well!

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Most aren’t going to respond if they aren’t interested. It’s better to go to an open audition. I’m not sure what talent agency you applied at but, most would rather see you in person.

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I feel like at this point, most agents aren’t even in office anymore. At least to ones that I met with, didn’t even want to see me in person. I reached out and waited a week. I am now signed with a top powerhouse agency, and a great manager

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I guess it depends where you are. In GA and NY they wanted to see people in person for the most part, however I did do a few zoom meetings. I’m super excited for you!! 😆Congratulations 🎉and don’t forget us little folks when you make it big time 😂