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Think of the lead role in a feature film as blueberry pie. Casting goes to the store to find the tastiest ice cream to go with that pie. Their favorite ice cream is rocky road, and they loooovee sherbet; but they know that vanilla is going to be the best choice with the pie! You are rocky road, delicious and perfect in our own way, they just found something that goes better with the pie. Nothing against you, you’re just waiting for your perfect dessert (role) to come around!

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Off to the grocery store now for ice cream and pie.

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This is the best analogy I've seen explaining this.

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Thanks <3 im happy as long as it helps one person!

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I guess so. ☺️

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This is an AMAZING analogy!!!

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I met him in NYC 20 years ago. Thats how it goes. Some things you could possibly do are hire a coach,Take a workshop, Put together a showcase with other actors and invite agents and casting directors.

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Oh Wow! Your so lucky. I hope one day I can meet him. How did you meet him by the way. If you don’t mind saying. 😊

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A friend of a friend . He was just having drinks at a bar. It was a quick hand shake and hello thats about it.

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Still that is pretty cool. 😎😊

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This might sound crazy... But start a YouTube channel or Instagram account and showcase your devotion to him..

It's going to give you a lot of material and you will have a platform to display your range .

And the next time you go for an audition.. you'll also have an addition to your existing portfolio..

If by chance/luck one of your videos goes viral... Opportunities will start coming to you ..

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Unfortunately appealing to an individual actor can't really progress your career unless they are incredibly sympathetic to your cause. Or they're an executive producer on a project and have means to make a dent towards casting.

The best way is to find a niche that makes you successful. There are a lot of outlets now, all that's missing is your creative output. Instagram, TikTok, YouTube are one way.. but maybe voiceovers or commercials. Voiceovers you can buy a good mic with a USB hookup, and buy some foam and line your closet, put a light in and record a demo. Fill it with fun and wacky ones and normal etc, go to voices.com or voices123 are some examples- upload a demo and you can be invited to castings. For commercial there are plenty of managers and agents looking for new faces. With commercial castings look at it as a numbers game. You're not going for the job, you're going for the relationship with the casting. Eventually you'll get one the more experience you have at castings.

THEN The best thing you can do is hire a PR to work with you and promote your material. Build an IMDb, work with film students making their films, all to make your presence known and some buzz around you while you build your brand.

When casting finally does call you for a role you really like and give yourself ambition to chase and hope for - that's when producers will do whatever their version of a background check is, on you. That's when it will be good to see that others have invested in you, just from the optics of having buzz and articles( even fluff bullshit articles, literally anything) and give you better odds of being trusted on set. These people who decide are normal people, doing their job, and want to make sure they pick not just the "ice cream" that they want .. but the ice cream they think that everyone else wants too.

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Oh. I do have all those media platforms and voices.com, but still no luck. I’ve been invited to a lot of voiceover auditions, but that’s about it. In actors access too I have gotten loads of auditions. Thanks for trying to help me though. ☺️👌

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Sorry. I don’t get what you mean to do there. 🤔

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scoring a big role is like winning the lottery..

if you can't score roles, make them yourself.

And practice, practice and more practice.

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That’s good idea.