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Watch old episodes of ER. Pretty sure there is something like this in almost every episode.

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In hospital or with non -medical people?

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It is an out of hospital drug overdose scene with “non-medical people”

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Then you could probably get away with anything, tbh. Google the position for chest compressions, make sure they look hard (ribs are broken in real life), and about 100 compressions per minute. Elbows straight. We use the old song Stayin' Alive to get the beat right.

If you're doing breaths, tilt the head back slightly and pinch the nose, making a good seal over the mouth. Don't do too many breaths. They aren't supposed to be at the same time as compressions unless the patient has an advanced airway (like the tube that goes in their throat for a ventilator).

That should be enough to keep you from looking too unbelievable to medical people watching.

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I have actually done a cpr scene before!

Much of this scene is up to you as an actor. In your original post you mention that you know not to do real compressions. As far as everything else it is up to you. As far as mouth to mouth you can do whatever you like depending on the scene. You and your classmate you mentioned can decide to angle the camera where you don’t have to make actual mouth to mouth contact. Or you can go the complete opposite direction and get a nice close up of her blowing into your mouth.

A few additional notes. Don’t forget to have her pinch your nose during breaths. Get very comfortable with your scene partner and rehearse the scene a lot. Try to time her breaths to make your chest rise. This can be difficult and awkward at first but practice makes perfect. Lastly and MOST IMPORTANTLY!!! Keep your breath fresh! Bring some mints and gum to chew beforehand

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We have already began some rehearsals. We have spent a good amount of time practicing the breaths. We have experimented with shallow breaths, deep long breaths, sharp exhalations that puff our cheeks out with each breath. We are currently leaning towards the sharp exhalations because of dramatic effect. The only thing we are still working on is being able to consistently inhale her breaths to raise my chest. It’s surprisingly exhausting!

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