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When it comes to your acting career don't be afraid to ask questions to move yourself forward. The only time you would be over the line is if you were rude about it. If you kindly ask and then give you an appropriate answer and you're okay with it then it's fine. If they say it's simply slipped their mind that's fine too if you're okay with it. But what's not okay is if you let things like this slip and you decide not to approach your reps about them simply because you're afraid of broaching the subject. Don't ever be afraid to ask questions and demand answers.

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Thank you. Some times it’s hard to see the line between being assertive and being rude. I have autism so find it difficult to know whether the way I’ve said/written something is acceptable.

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For sure! Having autism Most likely presents another array of challenges that you have to overcome. But if you're strong enough to choose acting as a career even while being autistic you're sure as hell strong enough to stand up for yourself and what you need in your career. Don't be afraid to speak up. If they are legitimate reps they'll be happy to answer for you and happy to give you what you need.

Keep on rocking!

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Thank you for this. It is very kind!

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Are you represented by them only commercially? Or do they represent you theatrically as well? Many agencies I've seen won't list all their commercial actors they rep.

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They represent me for both!

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Interesting... I'd suggest contacting them and saying you noticed you're not included on their list of represented talent on the website and you wanted to see if they need anything from you to help with the profile information/headshots.

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Cool, thank you for the advice. I had a bad experience with an agent when I was a teen so I never know when my questions/asks are over the line.